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2018 Summer Jobs – Apply Now

The Ranch at Rock Creek has some great views and they are hiring for 2018. It may be winter but now is the time to start looking towards next summer. Some of the best jobs out there fill up quickly and hiring managers are starting to accept applications. You can also use the winter months

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#Vanlife – Converting a GMC Safari Camper Van

10 years ago when I was living in pickup trucks and odd vehicles while working seasonal jobs, I couldn’t have dreamed up the van life movement. Who knew being homeless would catch on one day? I developed dream of buying a van after spending too many nights in the bed of a cold pickup truck.

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Dog in Boat

Skunk Problems? I Have the Solution

My dog is an instigator. In the 8 years we’ve been roaming around, she’s had encounters with moose, bears, elk, more deer than I can remember, plenty of smaller critters and a very memorable porcupine. I’ve always wondered how she has never ran across a skunk. I had a girlfriend run into a skunk next

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  • Who wants to fish this Run? flyfishing fishing publiclands

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