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Great exposure for your job opening. Prices start at $77. Trusted by companies big and small around the globe.

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Why You Should List with Us

We are specialized in job listings that are a perfect fit for people that love the outdoors adventures.
On average each listing gets promoted to a targeted group of more than 10k people* by a clever combination of the methods below! Completely hands-off from your side!
  1. We are in direct contact with many outdoor schools who are desperate to get their students awesome jobs!
  2. We are getting the word spread on social media through ongoing promotions depending on the package you choose
  3. All of the listings get promoted to our list of passionate job seekers!
  4. You get access to all Resumes of our users that are looking exactly for YOU - You can start digging right away!
So to make it short: You get the "best Bang for the Buck" here as we are cheaper than our competitors while providing more services - Specific to your needs!

*We are very careful to not spam people with jobs that would not be of interest to them. Therefore the reach will vary depending on branch and position!

We are more than "just" a Job Board - We are Relationship-Builders!

In the end it is all about connecting the right people. And that is exactly what we are good at!

We know how and where to find the most suitable and passionate people for your needs. Depending on the package you choose there will be ongoing publicity for your vacancies and your company in general!

You just have to wait for the applications to roll in!

Which Package should you choose

We are offering three different packages: Standard, Pro and Ultimate. Besides longer running time the main differences are higher focus on frequent social media promotions and a performance guarantee!

We also prioritize the listings depending on the packages the clients choose. The listings with the lowest priority will only be promoted if there are no listings with higher priority in the queue.

Features of the Standard plan

This plan is our most basic option and mainly for job postings where you know up front that it is pretty easy to find a good fit for.
They only come with a single promotion and the job will end after a 30-day period.

Features of the Pro plan

Besides a longer listing period of 60 days the following core features come with the Pro plan:
  • The listing will be promoted to social media on a bi-weekly basis for the listing period
  • You can have more than one open position in your listing. This can also be edited during the period of your listing!
  • If applicable we will send out the listing to outdoor schools that share the news with their (former) students
  • Performance guarantee: Get at least one suitable applicants per listing or we will refund the full price, no questions asked!*
  • Best fit for medium size recruitment campaigns

Features of the Ultimate plan

This package is the best fit for companies which are looking to fill multiple positions.
It comes with a high level of publicity both for the open jobs as well as the company itself. The weekly promotions get the word spread fast around the target groups.
Moreover you can adjust your listing at any time, adding more positions and removing filled ones. The promotions will be adjusted accordingly.
Features include:
  • Listing open for 90 days
  • Featured sticky Listing with different coloring
  • Weekly promotions to a high number of social media target groups for the listing period
  • Multiple open positions welcome! We will adjust the promotions accordingly while you can adjust the listing specific to your requirements!
  • If applicable we will send out the listing to outdoor schools that share the news with their highly trained (former) students
  • Performance guarantee: Get at least three suitable applicants per listing or we will refund the full price, no questions asked!*
  • Best fit for multiple open positions that require specific qualifications. Cover all seasonal vacancies with only one listing!
*A suitable applicant shall be any individual that fulfills the requirements outlined in the listing, on paper. If you think that your are entitled to getting a refund please contact us via email!



Lifetime of Listing:
30 Days
Priority III
Start of Promotion:
Within 3-5 Business Days
One Vacancy
Free unlimited edits
One Social Media Promotion

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Lifetime of Listing:
60 Days
Priority II
Start of Promotion:
Within 24-48 Hours
Free unlimited edits
Bi-weekly Social Media Promotion
up to 5 Simultaneous Vacancies
Guaranteed suitable Applicants: 1

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Lifetime of Listing:
90 Days
Priority I
Start of Promotion:
Weekly Social Media Promotion
up to 10 Simultaneous Vacancies
Featured Listing (first in list)
Guaranteed suitable Applicants: 3

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