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  • 255 Cameron Camp Rd, Cameron, North Carolina

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Full-Time Residential Wilderness Camp Counselor/Teacher, Year-Round Program

-Make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth beyond the church walls. -Be part of a ministry who, through Christ, shares hope and changes lives. -Salary and Generous Benefit Package -Housing and Meals included -Paid Vacation -Apply at http://bit.ly/1XbV8nj

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$2k - $2k / month

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Job Overview

Cameron Boys Camp (Boys) and Camp Duncan (Girls), year-round wilderness camping programs based in North Carolina, are seeking a full-time counselor/teacher. We are an intense, relationship-based ministry to at-risk youth (11-15 year olds) in a wilderness setting. Living in the outdoors year-round, fishing, climbing trees, paddling 200 miles down a river in Florida or Georgia, camping by a lake in North or South Carolina, and backpacking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia – all are part of the camp adventure.

The heart of our ministry is building a daily partnership and relationship with youth. Three counselor/teachers or “Chiefs” provide the primary care and leadership for a group of 10 boys/girls. They live with the group in a primitive campsite setting with a rotating work schedule of 5 days on and 2 days off.  The Counselors purpose is that of helping troubled youth confront and resolve past issues and current life conflicts while developing healthy relationships and living habits.

The “Chiefs” facilitate a group process where problems are resolved as they arise and a caring, helpful environment is developed in the group.  The counselors lead the group in having adventures, following an educational planning process, establishing routines for living.  They will also lead songs and devotionals during share time, chapel and Vespers services.

As positive relationship develops, the mentors find opportunities to share their faith in Christ or help them grow in their spiritual lives that can meet the deep needs in the campers’ lives.  We plan for the youth and their families to be reunited and help them tie in to a local church.

Activities include tent building, fixed campsite maintenance, routine chores, weekly cookouts, a hands-on experiential education program, woodcarving, educational daytrips, trip planning and extended expedition trips such as two- to four-week river/canoeing, hiking/backpacking, lake and educational road trips.

Applicants should have a passion for Christ and youth. We are looking for single, male and female applicants with a BS/BA and looking for a mission to immerse themselves in for at least two years. They should welcome challenges and be no stranger to hard work and physical activities (sawing trees, wood chopping and carrying heavy objects like trees, backpacks, canoes, etc…). Other necessary qualities include a love for the outdoors, enjoys working with others and being part of a team, excellent physical health, strong leadership abilities, a willingness to learn and grow, and a positive servant attitude. They should possess a good sense of humor and adventure, strong communication and relational skills, self-initiative and emotional stability.

Salary plus benefits including housing/utilities, medical/dental insurance, paid vacation and retirement program.

For more info on this exciting camp job, check http://www.campcareers.org or apply online at: http://bit.ly/1XbV8nj




The counselor/teacher will live outdoors year-round in tent shelters built and maintained by the group, and take extended expedition trips periodically such as a two to four week trip – lake, river, backpack and road trip (this will require the counselor/teacher to work longer than the regular five days a week) with their group.   Normal work schedule is 5 days on 2 days off (not necessarily weekends).   They would be responsible for the welfare and progress of the group as a whole as well as for understanding the needs, interests and desires of each camper; and implement through camp program activities each camper’s I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan).


They should welcome challenges and high stress that comes with working and living with at-risk youth and facing and confronting their problems head-on.  They would also be responsible for helping with the regular formal evaluations of campers’ progress in relation to their defined goals; and other reports, medical files and forms that are due weekly. The counselor/teacher will lead his group to accomplish their plans each week such as tent building, campsite maintenance, routine chores, chopping wood, woodcarving, weekly cookouts, a hands-on experiential education program, educational daytrips, and trip planning as well as leading songs and devotionals/messages for after each meal programs and Sunday and Wednesday services.  Three counselors per group share these responsibilities and alternate time off.  Time off housing is provided.


  • Responsible for meeting the needs of each camper.
  • Applies Camp philosophy and resources to bring about each child’s fullest growth-socially, physically, spiritually, emotionally and academically.
  • Implements, through Camp program curriculum, each camper’s educational plan through experiential learning and insures balanced programming and educational experiences.
  • Works closely with Groupwork Supervisor to evaluate each camper’s academic performance.
  • Completes written evaluations concerning each camper, group and their progress.
  • Keeps abreast of each camper’s progress and helps insure that individual camper’s needs are being met within the group.
  • Maintains the camp site (including shelters and trails), construction materials and equipment as an integral part of the therapeutic process.
  • Participate in maintenance and improvement of camp property.
  • Help plan and executes adventure trips which may consist of trips up to 6 weeks in duration, for group and individual development.
  • Is a functional member of the team and takes part in activities necessary for an overall successful program.
  • Keeps Group Work Supervisor informed of any needs or problems.
  • Participates in camper, family and group conferences as needed.
  • Responsible for the accuracy and distribution of all paperwork.
  • Attends events as a representative of Baptist Children’s Homes and/or Camp, as needed.
  • Reviews and maintains up-to-date medical files of campers, and ensures that medical items are not expired and maintains proper inventory of medical box and bag.
  • Assist with maintaining campers’ clothing inventory.
  • Maintains clean living quarters on and off duty.

Minimum Requirements

Desired Skills and Qualifications:


Applicants should have a passion for Christ and youth.  They should welcome challenges and be no stranger to hard work (sawing trees and carrying heavy objects like trees, backpacks, canoes, etc…).  Other necessary qualities include a love for the outdoors, enjoying working with others to get things done, excellent physical health (often there is no medical care within a 10 mile walk), strong leadership abilities, a willingness to learn and grow, and a positive servant attitude.  Whether it is fishing, swimming, playing group games, or cleaning up after a bed wetter, they should be able to commit to being involved in whatever the boys and/or girls are doing 100%.  It is crucial that the applicant be able willing to face his/her own problems and weaknesses.  They should possess strong communication and relational skills, self-initiative and emotional stability.  Due to the intense nature of the ministry, personal integrity is a must on and off duty.  To accomplish this, an individual must have the self-discipline necessary to prioritize spiritual disciplines to stay grounded and nurture their faith.


  • Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • Minimum 2 year degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Has experience and self-confidence in camp programming with all age groups, and varied experience in camping and the out-of-doors.
  • Valid drivers’ license.
  • Has ability to direct campers.
  • Must pass a water certification class, CPR and First Aid.
  • Ability to interact with the public, families, and other agencies.
  • Ability to interpret programs correctly.
  • Must be of good character and moral convictions.
  • Meets the general qualifications as outlined in the personnel policies of the Institution.

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