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Zion Adventure Company

  • 36 Lion Blvd, ZION NATIONAL PARK, UT
  • https://www.zionadventures.com/
  • limitedcompany

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Year after year, high performing staff have many of the same things in common. They are happy, improving & growing in helpful ways, like working hard, showing care for those around them, and feeling connected to people, and with the ZAC mission. Life here is an adventure as we explore the world outside and seek greater understanding of the human experience. Our staff come to Zion from all over the country. For many of us, our co-workers are an essential part of our community. We support each other, and we want to be supported. Getting to know each other is part of the adventure. Our lives overlap. We laugh with each other if the lid falls off the salt-shaker. We feel your pain when you run out of coffee. Often our coffee runs are expedited by the fact that we have each others' drinks memorized. Springdale is a small town. Some staff easily make connections with people outside the staff. Others find their best friends within our staff. There is no requirement from Zion Adventure Company nor its management that you spend your personal time with your co-workers. As you look for recreation outing partners, some may naturally come from the staff, and others from the townspeople. We care about you, want you to be happy, and to succeed.  Co-workers can help you, but won’t do everything for you and can't manage your life for you. We need you to do your job well and consistently. No amount of being close to co-workers alleviates this need to perform. We expect staff to be responsible and accountable. You need to take responsibility for your success and happiness. Help is almost always available and we encourage you to ask for help when you need it. Just a few of the ways we have helped each other are ride to the airport, technical assistance changing flat tires, and support meeting self-improvement goals at work. The Zion Adventure Company staff is an incredible team of connected individuals. Each of us wants to work with great people. Our hiring team does its best to find you and hire you. We pursue a high quality of life for ourselves, our guests and want the same for you. Staff members want each other to be great, and to pursue excellence in all they do. They also laugh a lot at the the funny and ironic moments we share. Sincerely, ZA Hiring Team


min experience

salary range

$1000 - $1.3k / month

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview

The Outfitting Staff of Zion Adventures forms the backbone of our business operations. Outfitters work inside and play outside; they go canyoneering, hike, climb, and bike to understand Zion and all it has to offer. Hundreds of Park visitors stop by each day seeking assistance in making the most of their time here. It is the Outfitter’s responsibility to help them leave Zion Adventures with an empowering sense of direction. Outfitters prepare visitors to hike the Zion Narrows, answer questions about our services, maintain the vast amounts of equipment we send out each day, and perform other crucial tasks that help visitors have memorable experiences. This position will also include at least one of the others roles listed below 1 -2 days a week. 

Trailhead Shuttle Driver: Responsible for transporting adventurers to their desired destinations in a friendly and professional manner.  The Trailhead Shuttle Driver must also be comfortable operating a 14 passenger Ford E350 Van safely on narrow, winding dirt roads. Zion Adventures is committed to providing exemplary customer service, so drivers need to be able to speak knowledgeably about other services we provide, as well as the Zion area. ​

Assistant Guide: Demanding, rewarding, and extremely educational. ZA Assistant Guides spend about 2/3rds of their season working in the shop as an outfitter, and the other third out in the field on trips. Towards the end of the season, some Assistant Guides feel ready to lead trips on their own and stay on staff as Lead Guides the following season.  We invite our applicants to view working with us as a multi-year opportunity.

– Bike Technician: Someone with a passion for people and uniting them with the Zion area through bikes. A broad field of customers and services requires our staff to be diverse, adaptable, and eager to learn and grow individual knowledge and skill sets. The ideal candidate has a depth of customer service experience coupled with a general technical mechanic background. Our bike technicians are motivated, flexible, critical thinkers with a strong ability to move fluidly between the social aspects of fitting bikes to customers and information sharing, to upkeep and organization of the bike program.

– Via Ferrata Guide: We thrive on sharing our passion for the outdoors with others and by giving them the skills and autonomy to do so on their own. A Zion Adventure guide is a powerful mixture of character, empathy, integrity, curiosity, and humility.  You will be joining a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds all united by a common mission and a passion for experiential learning, education, and the outdoors. We are in a constant pursuit to better ourselves and the organization. Many of those who have moved here to be guides with us have found this chapter of their lives to be much longer than they expected, and are happy for it. If working with and being challenged by these types of people excites and inspires you, we encourage you to apply. All qualified candidates will be given thorough consideration and evaluation. Our Via Ferrata team primarily works in steep, remote, and challenging terrain, on and around our property on Kolob Mountain.  

Minimum Requirements


  • 21 years old minimum
  • Desire to help people - specifically help them have fun & safe visits to Zion
  • Professional and responsible attitude 
  • Willingness to learn and teach
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented environment
  • Sense of humor. Ability to make work fun in positive ways
  • Works and stay on-task with minimal supervision
  • Applies problem-solving skills
  • An enduring commitment to learning, and the ability to do so quickly  
  • Ability to work well with all types of people, especially children
  • Patience
  • Strong ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
  • Strong attention to detail​
  • A high level of social grace
  • The ability to form meaningful connections with others quickly


  • Familiarity with computer programs such as Word or GoogleDocs. Previous experience with Mac is helpful
  • Outstanding work ethic
  • Commitment to serving others
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Enjoys creating order in chaotic environments
  • Ability to take initiative


  • Answering visitor questions
  • Outfitting customers for the Narrows & other adventures
  • Answering phones and replying to emails
  • Booking guided rips and reservations for equipment/shuttles
  • Checking in, cleaning, and repairing gear
  • Checking out customers at the cash register
  • Helping connect clients with guided trips and other Zion activities
  • Offering expertise on local recreation opportunities and logistics
  • Building an impressive knowledge base of the roads, hikes, canyons, and hidden secrets of Zion National Park and the surrounding area on personal time
  • Informing customers about retail products in the store
  • Managing product inventory on our retail floor
  • Facilitating meaningful, helpful, intelligent, and pleasant conversations with customers
  • Attending staff meetings outside the work day (approx. 1 per month)

Dates of Employment 2024:

  • Feb 26th - November 29th 2024 & April 29th - September 6th
  • Schedule is determined by shop demand as well as other positions you might work, such as a shuttle driver. As a result, you may work 4 days during some weeks, but will most often work 5 days. Our aim is to create a regular work schedule for you where you have the same 2 consecutive days off.
  • There is year-round outfitting available for several staff members. Some stay to outfit part-time or work on seasonal projects.

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