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Girl Scouts of Colorado

  • NA, Bailey, CO
  • https://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/

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Summer Camp Lifeguard & Counselor -Girl Scouts of Colorado – Tomahawk Ranch


min experience

salary range

$13.65 - $13.65 / hour

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
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Job Overview

TITLE: Waterfront Counselor
REPORTS TO: Program Lead/Program Director
DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: May 25th August 5th, 2019
STATUS: Seasonal


  • Live with and provide programming for units of 12-24 girls during 3-day, 6-day, and 9-day residential camp sessions.
  • Plan, direct and implement activities in one or more assigned specialty themes each week for a unit of 12-24 girls.
  • Daily and weekly schedules are developed under the direction of supervisors and in cooperation with other unit staff, based on camp program, girl planning and camp goals.
  • Support and counsel unit of girls in daily living, camp activities and developing peer relationships all while carrying out camp goals.
  • Work on a team of 2-5 other cabin staff implementing all camp duties and responsibilities.



  1. 1. Create and maintain a positive rapport and communication with campers, parents, volunteers, and staff.
  • Guide girls in developing peer relationships which includes and appreciates all members and accepts individual differences.
  • Get to know camper’s strengths and weaknesses regarding the program. Consistently show interest in the campers.
  • Work in conjunction with Unit Staff, CITs, PAs, and Volunteers providing adequate support.
  • Demonstrate a recognition and understanding of good customer service in all dealings and interactions as an employee of Girl Scouts of Colorado by maintaining constructive relationships with co-workers, girl members, parents, volunteers, and the community.
  • Talk to parents to share information, to get input, to reassure them and to promote a positive image of camp.
  • Provide support to volunteer staff as needed.
  • Orient, teach, and supervise staff assigned to assist with activities.
  • Give direction to cabin staff responsible for the group.
  • Support and delegates tasks to staff who accompany girls to an activity who are interested, qualified and assigned to assist.
  • Verify staff competence before assigning them supervisory roles; monitor their performance throughout the season.


2. Participate in and provide engaging, educational and fun programs.

  • Implement program based on camp program goals, policies, and procedures to provide a quality outdoor education experience for girls.
  • Guide planning, activities, and experiences in the unit to carry out program goals using democratic government and girl planning appropriate to age and readiness.
  • Develop and direct a program of activities based on specialty themes, which provides opportunities for girls to experience variety, challenge, and progression suitable to their age, readiness, and ability.
  • Incorporate camp skills and environmental awareness into the program.  Use site resources.
  • Carry out activities to encourage personal growth, learn skills, and provide challenges appropriate to age, ability and readiness.
  • Supervise campers at meals and all-camp activities.
  • Implement the written criteria and expectations for the conduct of activities; make written recommendations for change.
  • Plan, coordinate and evaluate activities with campers and cabin staff; serve as a resource to cabin staff.
  • Be prepared with activities for all kinds of weather and/or other changes in the usual routine.
  • Coordinate activities with those of the entire camp.
  • Supervise campers at meals and all-camp activities.  Attend and participate in other camp program, such as unit campfires and cookouts and sleeping in units as assigned.


  1. 3. Routinely display concern for an effective implementation of health, safety and emergency policy and procedures.
  • Maintain high standards of health, sanitation, safety, and security to prevent accidents and to respond appropriately in emergency situations.
  • Implement and interpret Girl Scout, state, and American Camp Association (ACA) (and ACCT where applicable) standards for all program areas.
  • Implement security procedures and inspect site daily for hazards. Alert supervisor to potentially hazardous conditions or security situations and take steps to minimize risk.
  • Practice good housekeeping and sanitation practices in all areas (including staff areas).  Encourage good hygiene practices by campers.
  • Use methods of discipline that are appropriate and in accordance with policies of Girl Scouts of Colorado.
  • Teach and participate in rehearsals of emergency procedures.
  • Notify the Health Team of health problems/concerns of girls or staff. Assure that campers receive medications as directed by the Health Supervisor, including on hikes and overnights.
  • See that campers are properly dressed for camp activities.
  • Administer first aid until the Health Supervisor or other professionals arrive (if necessary).
  • Implement security procedures.  Alert supervisor to potentially hazardous conditions or situations.
  • Keep records, write reports, and submit recommendations as directed.
  • Respect the confidential nature of all information pertaining to staff, volunteers, or campers.
  • Adhere to all safety and security procedures at all times.
  • Check area first-aid kits at least weekly and re-supply if needed; submit accurate records of illness, accident, and incident according to procedure.
  • Teach emergency procedures for the activity.  Call for and participate in rehearsals.
  • Verify that equipment is in safe condition before each use and is properly sized if this is a safety factor.
  • Maintain, use, store, and inventory equipment and facilities, ensuring good and safe working condition. Make needed repairs or submit written report to supervisor.


  1. 4. Demonstrate responsibility, accountability and overall maturity of judgement.
  • Supervise and participate with campers in their activities and kapers.
  • Assist Unit Staff by organizing the group, maintaining discipline and assisting with the instruction if qualified.
  • Present a positive image to campers, parents and visitors through attitude, dress, and courtesy.
  • Perform other duties to foster a cooperative climate and a smoothly operating camp.
  • Open and close unit sites as directed, including cleaning, doing inventory, and moving and storing equipment.
  • Participate in pre-camp and in-service trainings, attend staff meetings and contribute to the planning and coordinating of the work of the total staff team.
  • Participate in supervisory conferences and in the staff evaluation process.
  • Submit itineraries, food and supply requisitions accurately and on time.
  • Keep records, write reports and submit recommendations.
  • Open and close activity area and other areas at the beginning and end of the day and season as assigned.
  • Act as unit counselor as assigned.



  1. Upon first day of employment you will be registered as an adult member of Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO). In becoming a member of Girl Scouts, you will be expected to uphold the policies and guidelines set forward by Girl Scouts of U.S.A. As a role model and representative of GSCO you will be expected to:
  • Participate as a professional member of the total staff in providing effective staff service to GSCO.
  • Be an active member of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., demonstrating the principles of the Girl Scout Promise and Law in all activities of the job.
  • Contribute to positive relationships and demonstrate sensitivity regarding diverse racial, ethnic, and social individuals and groups in GSCO as a whole, and between the diverse individuals employed by GSCO or giving volunteer service.
  • Support the efforts and commitments of GSCO in the area of pluralism.

In accordance with the philosophy of Girl Scouts of Colorado, the person filling this position may occasionally be required to carry out or assist with other tasks in addition to the duties listed on this job description.




  • At least 17 with a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Documented training, experience or certification in program areas which satisfies ACA, ACCT, Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints and/or Childcare Licensing standards where applicable.
  • Experience working with children.
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Adaptable to the camp setting and community life.
  • Ability to work as a team member.
  • Ability to meet emergencies with good judgement.
  • Ability to work with girls and adults of diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to recognize potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Ability to pass CBI/FBI criminal record check.
  • Ability to provide documentation of legal employment status.
  • Ability to provide a driving record (21+).
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Physical ability to move equipment up to 30 lbs.


  • 18+ with one year of college or work experience.
  • Experience leading or creating a program with lesson plans.
  • Experience in a specific area such as: Low ropes, zip line, farm/animals, survival, etc.
  • Experience teaching children in an informal outdoor setting.
  • Experience with encouraging children to take positive risks.
  • Camp experience as a counselor in any program.
  • Experience with group and behavior management.
  • Experience with developmental needs of children.
  • A desire to work with children.
  • Experience in record keeping.
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification.


  • Program equipment required for the activity, which may include cooking equipment, camping gear, challenge course elements, climbing ropes, animals, tools, and heat producing devices.
  • Audiovisual equipment.
  • Hand-held radios.
  • Computers.
  • First Aid supplies.
  • Records and reports.


  • Camps are at altitudes of 8,000-9,000 feet.
  • Campers come from rural and metropolitan areas. Many campers are recruited from low-income areas.
  • Camp living and activity areas are spread over approximately 400 acres. Staff can expect to walk several miles each day.
  • Program activities are carried out in the out-of-doors and are often strenuous.
  • Equipment for specialized activities is stored centrally and often must be carried to the activity site.
  • Staff tents or living quarters are shared with other staff and/or campers.
  • Except for daily time off, counselors are always with campers.
  • Staff are expected to set up tables, chairs, and any necessary equipment.

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.


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