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Rockbrook Camp for Girls

  • 3460 Greenville Highway, Brevard, NC
  • https://www.rockbrookcamp.com/staff/
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Camp Counselor – Arts Instructor


Our Philosophy

Rockbrook is foremost a supportive community fueled by kindness, respect and care. It's is a safe place for girls to explore nature, to learn new skills, and to feel appreciated and included. It's a haven that values creativity, diversity, and enthusiasm. It's a magical place that inspires silliness and joyful engagement from everyone. Free from many of the distractions of ordinary life, camp becomes, for campers and staff members alike, one of the most meaningful and rewarding times of their lives. Read more about the Rockbrook Camp culture: https://www.rockbrookcamp.com/camps/

The Employee Experience

Life as a Rockbrook counselor is fun, fast-paced, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. By living in a cabin with the campers and teaching an activity, you’re facilitating an amazing amount of growth within our community. Your days will be spent laughing and playing, and doing so much good! Everyday, you'll develop and practice valuable real-world skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally, no matter what your major— skills like responsibility, leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and self awareness. Working here literally shapes and supports your best self. See what life is like as a Rockbrook staff member: https://www.rockbrookcamp.com/staff/day-rockbrook-counselor/

And the Perks!

Working at camp means you get to: Have big fun while you work Join a friendly supportive community Take a break from your ordinary routines Relax and unwind at a less hurried pace Unplug from the Internet and Social Media Earn more money than you think, and with very few expenses Try new activities Go on real adventures Live and play in the great outdoors Make and receive friendship bracelets Be your true self Mentor children as a role model Teach kids things they'd never learn at home Make true life-long friends Experience a new part of the country Explore amazing places on your time off Make a positive difference in the world Do a cannonball off the diving board Wear casual relaxing clothes all day Get the best sleep of your life Find a healthy balance of your life habits Bank incredible memories and new stories to tell


min experience

salary range

$280 - $475 / week

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview

Live with and supervise a small group of children, participate in general camp programs, set a good example for campers, provide leadership and instruction in one or more specific camp activities (24 different options), and maintain a positive attitude toward others at camp.  This is a full-time, seasonal job that lasts 11-weeks (May 28, 2023 – August 10, 2023). Shorter contracts are available.

Arts Instructor

Rockbrook has an amazing variety of arts and crafts activities for its campers. With an emphasis on fun and creativity, girls at camp can be immersed in color while learning to weave, to throw a bowl on the potters wheel, to paint, to sew, and so much more! Crafts at Rockbrook are fun and social, taught with an attitude of experimentation and encouragement.

Learn more: https://www.rockbrookcamp.com/crafts/

Minimum Requirements

Each year we hire a diverse staff who, with their different personalities, backgrounds and talents, can serve as positive role models for our campers, teach the different activities offered at camp, and offer real enthusiasm for camp life. We look for staff members who want to join our camp community, make many new friends, and work hard to benefit the girls who attend camp.

Rockbrook counselors know how to be both responsible and fun. They love the outdoors and get a kick out of spending time with kids. They're generally high energy, quick to laugh, and excited to learn. They know that costumes make any gathering more fun.

Learn more: https://www.rockbrookcamp.com/staff/hiring-process-faqs/

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