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Emerald Cove Outdoor Science
Job Overview

The Emerald Cove Outdoor Science (ECOS) Institute provides 3, 4, and 5-day residential outdoor education programs for 5th and 6th-grade students from throughout Southern California. The ECOS Instructor is the most important facilitator of the student experience.

Every week, the ECOS Instructor plays two essential roles:

As a Naturalist, an Instructor will lead students on hikes through Yellow Pine Forest and Oak Woodland, guiding students through science curriculum based in Geology, Wildlife Biology, Forest Ecology, and Astronomy. Surrounded by pristine National Forest, Instructors can inspire students through additional activities that focus on nocturnal animals, survival skills, and conservation.

As a Counselor, the Instructor is the primary support for 10 to 13-year old students as they strive for personal and social growth in an exciting and challenging setting. As the role-model for a cabin group of 10-15 students, Instructors lead team-building activities, facilitate songs and games, resolve conflict, and help establish a culture of respect and trust. At ECOS, Instructors ensure every child’s emotional, as well as physical, safety. To accomplish these goals, this job requires evening shifts and staying overnight in cabins with students.

The ECOS Instructor makes a positive, lasting change in the lives of dozens of students over the course of a school year. For many students, their Instructor is a true Hero, instilling confidence and inspiration that resonates long after the trip has ended.