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Gap at Glen Brook

  • 35 Glenbrook Road, Marlborough, NH
  • limitedcompany

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Gap Program Instructor


We recognize that we share a troubled world dominated by a narrative of interpenetrating historical systems and institutions that silence, oppress, and exploit myriad beings on this planet. We acknowledge that we—as white, cis-gender, able-bodied individuals; and in particular as members of the industries of outdoor education, experiential education, and gap years—benefit disproportionately from these culturally-determined stories. The more we learn about these stories, the more we find grief alongside our wonder.  This grief, in many ways, is our starting point as educators. It fuels our personal and professional dedication to whole-person education, to becoming evolving agents of reconciliation and wholeness in this divided and suffering world.


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$535 - $535 / week

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Job Overview

Gap at Glen Brook

Gap at Glen Brook is a place-based semester program designed to help students unleash their authentic identity, craft interdependent capacities, and develop their wholeness to face the complex challenges of our time.  The program is divided into three 2-week long “Phases” and four week-long “Intensives.”  Phases are times when the group is living on the Glen Brook campus, fully immersed in community activities while crafting skills for a hand-made life—farming, cooking, stewardship projects, and more.  Intensives are periods when the cohort is all together and out on the land, living and learning outdoors while backpacking, canoeing, or camping.  We combine wilderness hard-skills with intentional practices of self-knowing well-suited to wild places.

Camp Glen Brook

In operation for the past 70 years, Camp Glen Brook’s 240-acre farm campus is home to a full calendar of summer programming, educational field trips, and the gap program.  The gap program is interconnected with most of what happens at Glen Brook throughout the fall.  Most of our staff members live on-site throughout the year, making our beautiful hilltop farm a warm and lively community as well.

General Responsibility

Gap at Glen Brook’s Program Instructors work closely with the Gap Director to deliver a full semester of various programming to gap year students.  Within the choreography of the 11-week semester program, the Program Instructor brings their own authenticity and skill-set to the work of supervising and facilitating this dynamic gap program. We are currently looking for an instructor with a passion for sustainable agriculture, herbalism and homesteading skills.

Specific Responsibilities

Student Welfare

  • Serve as a “Residential Advisor,” living in the Gap House (in separate quarters) and spending occasional “off-hours” time with the students.

  • In consultation with the Gap Director and other instructors, assist in facilitating social events (formal and informal) as well as dinners and evenings with the cohort.

  • Serve as the first line of communication for the gap cohort in the house, fielding questions as diverse as “What is the water-to-rice ratio again?” to “Can we chat about today’s Wander?”

  • Maintain a high level of safety awareness, risk assessment, and group dynamics.

  • Ensure students understand and abide by rules and guidelines.

  • Respond promptly to medical or mental health concerns.

  • Assist gap students in cultivating wholesome meals and a wholesome meal culture (family dining, home-made and home-grown, etc.)

Student Learning and Role Modeling

  • Teach, guide, and inspire through formal and informal individual mentorship, and group reflection.

    • Plan and lead workshops on various topics. Specifically Herbalisem, Permaculture and Sustainability among others.

    • Purposefully engage with students, and demonstrate high standards of personal example to help create a community of intentional life-learners

    • Lead wilderness trips and mentor participants in planning and packing for hiking, canoeing and orienteering trips.

Marketing and Development

  • Document the experience with quality photographs

  • Support students in writing weekly blog posts

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the program

Minimum Requirements

Necessary Experience

  • Commitment to whole-person education and to our core values: Personal Responsibility, Service and Stewardship.

  • Enthusiasm for the benefits and complications of community living.

  • Experience with farm education, homesteading and plant identification.

  • Experience leading groups on multi-day excursions in outdoor environments.

  • Experience in conflict resolution, group facilitation, and/or teaching.

  • Strong ability to connect well with people, and to develop meaningful mentor relationships with emerging adults.

  • Physically and emotionally fit, with a high standard of self-care practices in line with the job requirements.

Requisite skills:

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Clear driving record.

Preferred skills:

  • Confidence with cooking.

  • Outdoor/backcountry medical experience—at least WFA; WFR preferable.

  • Photography.

  • Basic digital fluency (because we have to live in the world...)

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