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Alpine Forestry

  • 3070 Rasmussen Road, Park City, UT
  • alpineforestryutah.com

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Forestry Crew Lead / Wildland Firefighting / Tree Worker


min experience

salary range

$22 - $25 / hour

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview


The Crew Lead position serves a critical place in the organization of Alpine Forestry as the link between the crew members and the management team. The Lead will oversee the day to day operations of the crew and will be the constant presence on all project sites. Key components of the Lead role include mentorship, communication, customer service, attention to detail, crew member safety and well-being, and overall knowledge and awareness of company goals and expectations.

The Crew Lead will be expected to gain a knowledge and understanding of Alpine Forestry’s daily operations, and strive for excellence by asking questions, providing feedback, participating in training, and taking initiative. This position is physically and mentally demanding, the work is strenuous and complex, and it requires a high level of personal commitment. The Crew Lead must possess the ability to work up and down the organizational chart to fill roles as needed to ensure a safe and effective working environment.

Job Requirements:

  • Industry related knowledge and skills
  • Leadership and organizational skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to use apps, computer programs, and devices for mapping, tracking, and communications
  • Physical ability to perform strenuous work in harsh environments
  • Availability to travel as part of work duties
  • Valid driver’s license

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operations and Logistics 80%

  • Receive the plan for the day at morning briefing and oversee crewmember and gear load up and travel.
  • Receive individual project briefings and relay specifications, procedures, and safety concerns to crewmembers.
  • Use a mapping application (ArcGIS Field Maps) to mark project boundaries and take observations.
  • Provide assignments and oversight to crewmembers in daily project tasks.
  • Provide updates to management on project status and special needs.
  • Handle interface with clients for the crew as needed.
  • Ensure Company gear and equipment is functional and used properly.
  • Ensure PPE is used properly and safety procedures are followed.
  • Provide quality control on project sites in coordination with managers.
  • Coordinate project departure time and end-of-day tasks.
  • Ensure trucks and facilities are clean, secure, and ready for the next shift.
  • Participate in biomass processing at the work yard (chipping, firewood, saw logs, compost, biochar).
  • Perform additional duties to assist managers in the Company’s functional areas (operations, business, logistics, administration).



Office and Shop 20%


  • Ensure time is reported accurately and tracked to a specific project.
  • Participate in project planning and crew member assignments.
  • Help organize and conduct training for the crew.
  • Participate in biannual crewmember performance reviews with the management team.
  • Assist in the maintenance and repair of trucks and trailers.
  • Assist in the maintenance and repair of tools and equipment.


Forestry and Arborist Operations:


  • Tree trimming and removals
  • Brushing and vegetation thinning
  • Deadfall cleanup
  • Chipping and green waste hauling
  • Slash pile building
  • Pile burning
  • Trail maintenance
  • Noxious weed removal
  • Reseeding
  • Mapping and monitoring
  • Wildfire assignments

Tools and Equipment Used:


  • Chainsaws of different types
  • Pole saws and brushcutters
  • Tree climbing gear
  • Rigging and winching gear
  • Site safety equipment (signs, cones, barricades)
  • Chippers
  • Excavator and loader
  • Tank, pump, and hose assemblies
  • Sawmill and woodworking supplies
  • Wood splitter
  • Dump and utility trailers
  • Aerial lifts
  • Burning equipment




Provided Required Training:


  • Basic Wildland Firefighter Courses (S-130 / S-190 / ICS-100 / L-180)
  • Pack test and fire refresher (RT-130)
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Orientation on Company equipment, procedures, and expectations

Additional Training Available:


  • Commercial Drivers License
  • Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS)
  • NWCG wildfire and prescribed fire classes and task books
  • Advanced chainsaw and felling techniques
  • Drone pilot
  • Tree climbing
  • Climber rescue
  • Rigging techniques
  • Wilderness First Responder


Compensation, Term, and Benefits:


  • $22 – $25 per hour
  • Overtime rate over 40 hours in a week
  • 8 month desired commitment, April-November with opitons for extending
  • 3 paid holidays
  • $300 annual supplemented life insurance
  • $300 annual boot and outdoor gear stipend
  • Personal use of Company tools, vehicles, and gear (with prior approval)
  • Paid training opportunities
  • Biannual review of pay and benefits

Interested individuals would need to submit a resume, professional references, and a cover letter to [email protected]. Please direct any questions to David Telian at 435-400-4154.

Minimum Requirements

-At least 1+ year chainsaw experience. Other applicable experience considered.

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