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  • 505 Northeast Knott Street, Portland, OR
  • www.gutmonkey.com

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Experiential Program Facilitator


min experience

salary range

$22k - $25k / year

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
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Job Overview

**Please visit our website www.gutmonkey.com/current-opportunities for the full posting and applications instructions**

We are seeking an Experiential Program Facilitatorto join us in the execution of our annual programs. This position relies heavily on strong facilitation skills, knowledge of experiential pedagogy and practice, and excellent relationship-building skills. We work in multiple modalities that are play-based, and while those always have clear educational outcomes, we choose play for intentional reasons. Be playful! It is a big part of our work, together and with participants. This position will primarily focus on the execution of pre-designed programs and the relationship cultivation and maintenance with our program partners that is critical to our success in the communities we serve.

This will be a part time, temporary, seasonal position that will support a few, key programs around the US from the date of hire through the end of 2024. This position will report directly to the Program and Operations Director and will also work closely with the CEO/Founder. After December 31, 2024, this position will not continue into 2025. There will be new part time, temporary opportunities beginning in 2025 that we can discuss more during the interview process.

This is a travel position, with an expected 40 – 50 days of travel to programs and various other professional engagements in 2024. GutMonkey programs are typically between 1 – 2 days long. This role must arrive early to the program location (typically one day before the program start date), and remain on-site throughout the duration of the program, typically leaving the day after the program concludes. Program locations are nationwide and all food, lodging, and on-the-ground travel expenses are covered throughout the duration of the program. Travel expenses to and from the program locations are covered in accordance with GutMonkey travel policies. All program equipment and materials will be provided by GutMonkey. Although not required, we would strongly prefer a bilingual spanish-speaker for this position. As a part-time, temporary position, there will be different rates for administrative time (meetings, program preparation, paperwork, etc..), training time (time in the field with a current staff person in a training capacity – observing and some supportive facilitation), and facilitation time (time in the field facilitating as a lead facilitator for a program). See more compensation information below.

Facilitator Responsibilities:

Program Delivery and Logistics:

  • Deliver experiential programs, which spark dynamic participant experiences and encourage continued engagement. Programs will be designed by GutMonkey staff, but some adjustments and customization may be needed pending the program and partner needs.
  • Engage and connect with patients during programs outside the hours of facilitation. Have conversation with curious parents during a teen program, take extra time to connect with partner staff upon arrival and departure to site, and be willing to connect with community members as a representation of GutMonkey.
  • Travel to and from GutMonkey Headquarters and various communities nationally as needed. Work with the Program Director to book flights, hotels, rental cars, or other travel logistics and be timely and responsible during travel time. Must follow standard operating procedures around travel and travel spending.
  • Ensure the integrity, creativity, and quality of the GutMonkey curriculum.
  • Understand and follow GutMonkey’s policies and procedures at all times.
  • Lead (or assist) participants groups between 5 and 50 teens and/or adults impacted by chronic health conditions (the majority of participants navigate living with a bleeding disorder).
  • Practice Positive Youth Development and positive strategies with teens and youth participants, many who come from diverse and varied backgrounds.
  • Ensure program agendas and program supplies are well organized physically and digitally, and communicate needs to have the necessary tools, materials, and training to successfully implement programming.
  • Data Collection and Reporting: document program outcomes and lessons learned, collect participant data, take photos, and compile program highlights.


  • Attend and prepare for meetings and trainings as designated by GutMonkey
  • Complete all necessary documents and administrative tasks for programs which may include program agendas, debrief forms, uploading surveys and photos, and submitting receipts in a timely manner
  • Maintain confidentiality and professionalism surrounding participant information


We prefer that the candidate lives in the Portland, OR area, but would consider a remote candidate if it was the right fit. The candidate is expected to live within 50 miles of a major or regional airport and will be expected to travel to various locations around the US to deliver programs.

Interactions / Information about GutMonkey

Please visit our website to learn more about GutMonkey and our programs! www.gutmonkey.com

GutMonkey currently has 3 full time employees (CEO, Program and Operations Director, Communications Director), one part time employee (Assistant to the CEO), and two remote contract employees (Operations Manager, Finance Manager). We often work with and communicate with various clients in the outdoor industry, patient affairs for rare and chronic disease, and the pharmaceutical industry. This role would primarily work with patients and program partners with various non-profits.

Facilitator Qualification/Experience


  • Experience in facilitation and/or dynamic, hands-on education work with teenage and youth populations.
  • Strong group management skills working with small to large groups across age demographics and over the course of multiple hours and, at times, over a few days.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and interest in working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • Experience managing curriculum, activity/program execution, or a background in education.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and organizational skills.
  • Willingness to learn and practice flexibility and live-time, independent, creative problem-solving in the face of challenges during programs.
  • A desire and capacity to find solutions and employ various strategies and utilize resources well in the finding of those solutions.
  • Ability to work weekend days and occasional evenings.
  • Must have reliable transportation options to access an airport within 50 miles of residence and a valid driver’s license and auto insurance (some programs will require a rental car). Because most states require renters to be 25 or older, candidates must be age 25 or older.
  • Excellent risk assessment and management skills as they relate to delivering experiential programs and managing small events.
  • First Aid and CPR Certification (can be obtained upon hire).
  • Working knowledge of Google Suite (or ability to learn quickly)

Strongly Preferred:

  • Experience in outdoor education, highly experiential community-based art education, or creative health education (or another specialty area that may align with our work). If you have a specialty area, please outline this in your application!
  • Experience in facilitation work with adults.
  • Spanish language proficiency.
  • Experience with public health community engagement.
  • Experience with group conflict resolution
  • Equity and Inclusion training and experience.
  • Experience with independent work, airplane travel and proven ability to manage logistics around travel responsibly.
  • Responsible and timely around administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, submitting receipts, and completing debrief forms.

For more information about our ideal candidate for additional information about the requirements of this position, please visit our website www.gutmonkey.com/current-opportunities


  • Administrative time (between 1 and 5 hours per week, some weeks may have no admin time) | $25 / hour
  • Training time (training with GutMonkey at the office / in Portland / pre-program) | $50 / hour
  • Training in the field – on the road at a program (between 1 and 2 training programs in 2024, likely to last 3 – 4 days each in the field including travel days) | $150 / day (including travel days)
  • Facilitation time (between 40 – 50 days in the field for 2024) | $350 / day (including travel days)
  • This role should expect to gross approximately $22,000 – $25,000 from date of hire through 2024
  • Individual will be hired as a GutMonkey employee for all work conducted for this position.

Please visit the current openings page on our website for application instructions.



Email your application to Margaret Bridges ([email protected]). No phone calls, please. Please do not email other members of the GutMonkey team or other general company emails you may find on our website. Phone calls and emails to other emails outside of the one listed above will not be responded to. Applications will be reviewed over the next few weeks. Applicants being considered for the position will be brought in for an in-person interview (or travel will be provided to Portland if the candidate is out of state). Potential candidates should expect a start date in late April or early May.

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