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Living Earth School

  • 1724 Allied St Suite 2 B, Charlottesville, VA
  • https://livingearthva.org/

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Day Camp Coordinator

  • Do you love being outside and connecting with nature?
  • Do you love playing and having fun with kids?
  • Do you want to build skills and relationships in an outdoor setting?
Then check out Living Earth School of Virginia. Get back to your roots and enhance your connection to the earth! This is not your ordinary camp experience. Each team member is trained in how to be an effective nature mentor and gets coaching as they practice survival and natural living skills. We explore the surrounding forests and streams as we build natural shelters, make fires without matches, and prepare wild plants for food. Our aim is to see the light in each person, camper or staff, and help inspire their passions and gifts. We mentor by asking questions, not giving answers, and facilitate the interconnectedness of everyone on our team from office staff to youngest camper.  Our weekly schedule includes Mud Day and barefoot exercises, 20 min sit spots alone in the forest every day, check ins with Apprentices, Staff, Parents and CITs and swim time!   Most important for the staff is the community cohesion we foster at Staff Camp. Here there are individual tent spaces, shared outdoor covered kitchen, shower, internet and toilet amenities as well as the comradery of living besides your coworkers  and diving deeper into natural living skills.  


min experience

salary range

$850 - $950 / week

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview

The Day Camp Coordinators are responsible for managing the facilities and the staff. We are looking for someone who likes to create and organize schedules, run meetings, and back up Instructors with enthusiasm and participation when things get silly, muddy and wild! Putting your maturity hat back on, Coordinators are responsible for the camp’s parent interactions and communication, both face-to-face and over the phone. Emotional intelligence is sought in a Coordinator Candidate so they can offer help to staff in times of need, including situations involving campers. They help lead large-group activities, storytelling and swim time. When possible, they observe and provide feedback on staff instruction and group management. Coordinators must have previous experience managing a team in the outdoors so they can be confident in their decision-making leadership if events occur such as extreme weather, injuries, emergencies, or when disciplinary action is needed.

The summer camp season runs June 3 through August 10, with a week of training and a break week July 1-5. If you need housing, you are invited to stay at our Staff Camp. Here there are individual tent spaces, shared outdoor covered kitchen, shower, internet and toilet amenities as well as the comradery of living beside your coworkers and diving deeper into natural living skills.

Compensation: $950/wk starting pay

For full job descriptions and application, please visit our Jobs page. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Special Benefits

  • swim in a river every day!
  • training in survival and mentoring skills!
  • work with a variety of passionate folks!

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