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YMCA of Northern Utah

  • Mill Hollow Road, Kamas, Utah
  • www.ymcautah.org/millhollow

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Camp Counselor


Coming from the world’s great universities, Mill Hollow counselors become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business executives, pastors, scientists, engineers, public servants, and so much more. Expertly trained, exceedingly friendly, and extraordinarily creative, they are masters of forging friendships, teaching new skills, leading adventures, and instilling kids with the confidence to take on the world. We put two of them in every cabin so every child has unparalleled access to great role models who complement the lessons you’re already teaching at home.


min experience

salary range

$250 - $350 / week

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview

● Must be at least 18 years of age or older
● Completed one year of college or equivalent experience.
● Must be able to obtain or become certified in First Aid/CPR.
● Must submit a health history record and examination form prior to the first day of work.
● Ability to interact with all age levels.
● Understand the development needs of youth.
● Relate to youth and adults in a positive manner.
● Demonstrate knowledge and skill in program areas designated camp program areas.
● Enthusiasm, sense of humor, integrity, flexibility and patience.
● Desire and ability to work with children outdoors.
● Positive attitude and ability to build a cohesive team.
● Ability to function in a rustic setting.
● Model the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
Under the guidance of the Camp Director and Program Directors, further the mission of the YMCA
through their work with campers. Counselors are the primary caregivers for each camper. The
Counselor is responsible for providing a safe, fun and values-focused camp experience for each
camper through the planning, teaching, coordinating, and carrying out of activities and guiding campers
in their personal growth and daily living skills.
When assigned to the Kitchen the purpose is to assist the Food Service Manager in preparing and
serving nutritious meals and in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen, dishwashing
area and dining hall clean at camp.
● Understands and supports the mission of the YMCA; displays the YMCA values; displays
flexibility and accepts change; is willing to try new methods and make suggestions; shows a
strong commitment to the YMCA; conveys enthusiasm for the YMCA and his/her work.
● Uses effective personal behaviors/communicates effectively by treating everyone with
courtesy, respect and consideration; displays integrity; listens actively and genuinely;
communicates in a clear and pleasant manner; embraces differences among people;
demonstrates an active willingness to learn and grow; accepts constructive criticism; works
cooperatively as a team member.
● Reinforces the Y’s values within the organization and the community.


Cabin Counselor

● Casual, Connected, committed: Understands and embraces the role of volunteers; helps
participants make connections to others and to the YMCA; practices effective relationship
building techniques; supports the role of fund-raising in achieving the YMCA mission.
● Provides a Quality Experience for Everyone: Possesses the ability to deliver outstanding
experiences for members, participants, internal customers and others; builds warm and
supportive relationships; consistently greets and assists everyone in a positive way; strives to
provide service that will exceed expectations; responds to concerns and complaints in a way
that makes each person feel valued; initiates action for prompt resolution; looks for better
ways to serve and involve members, participants, internal customers and others. ● Builds and
nurtures strategic relationships to enhance support for the Y.
● Works productively and demonstrates responsible actions by consistently performing duties
in a safe and conscientious manner within the agreed upon timeframe; follows standards,
policies and procedures; is reliable and consistently punctual; actively and appropriately
participates in staff meetings.
● Continuously maintains a safe working environment for self and others. Views safety as a
guiding principle for making business decisions.
● Complies with all YMCA policies and procedures including but not limited to hiring
paperwork, training and certification requirements, and information outlined in the YMCA of
Northern Utah employee handbook as they apply to the position you hold within the
● Assigns clear accountability and ensures continuous improvement.
Program Management (33%)
Assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in their living unit, within activities
and throughout the camp in order to meet the intended camper outcomes.
● Apply basic youth development principles in working with campers through communication,
relationship development, respect for diversity, involvement and empowerment of youth. ● Assure
campers are properly supervised at all times.
● Guide cabin group in fulfilling camp chores and cabin clean-up duties during each week.
● Be aware of and implement safety guidelines.
Participate in the development and implementation of program activities for campers within the
mission and outcomes.
● Assist in planning daily and weekly schedules that will be fun, safe and provide opportunities for
skill development. Responsible for assisting program specialists with the teaching of activities. ●
Actively participate in all program areas as assigned.
● Provide for the progression of activities within the framework of individual and group interests and
● Assist in program areas such as nature, all camp activities, and arts and crafts as directed.
Participate as a member of the camp staff team
● Participate enthusiastically in all camp activities, planning, and leading those as assigned.
● Deliver and supervise evening programs, special events, overnights, and other all-camp

activities and camp functions.
● Learn and lead games, songs, skits and other activities for cabin group and the whole camp.
Assist in the daily operations of the camp food service.

Cabin Counselor

● Assist in the preparation of healthy, nutritious meals at camp as the menu indicates including food
prep and clean-up. This may include washing, peeling and cutting vegetables or other food
preparation items.
● Set up food, supplies, and utensils for dining hall distribution each meal: dishes, glasses and
silverware out, water and milk out, bussing buckets prepared, etc..
● Store food and leftovers at proper temperature.
● Assist with receiving and stocking supply deliveries.
Assist in the preparation and packaging of food for use outside the camp dining hall. ● Work with
food service and other staff in reviewing pack out requests to ensure adequate and accurate
amounts and variety.
● Prepare and store pack out food according to camp and health code procedures.
Other Duties as Needed
Results and Metrics (1%)
Participate as a member of the camp staff team
● Contribute to verbal and written evaluations and communication as requested.
Emotional Maturity (33%)
Develop a positive, welcoming and nurturing atmosphere for a cabin group of 8-10 campers.
● Participate in ALL activities with campers.
● Set a good example to campers and others in regard to general camp procedures and practices
including sanitation, schedule, and sportsmanship.
● Interact with all campers in camp. Make sure each child feels appreciated and successful.
Agree to and abide by Employee Code of Conduct
Risk Management (33%)
Maintain high standards of health and safety in all activities for campers and staff.
● Follow and uphold all safety and security rules and procedures.
● Provide the daily care of each camper within your supervision including recognition of personal
health needs.
● Ensure that campers receive their medications as directed by the health care manager.

● Be alert to campers and staff needs and assist them with personal and/or health problems, and discuss with
camp health managers and/or resident camp director when appropriate.

● Be alert to equipment and facilities to ensure utilization, proper care, and maintenance is adhered to; report repairs needed promptly to the camp director.
● Assist with keeping camp clean and well maintained. Assist in routine sanitation of the kitchen and related equipment.
● Clean and maintain all food-preparation and storage areas.
● Wash all dishes, serving and preparation equipment, and utensils according to regulated
washing methods and temperatures.

● Sweep the dining hall after every meal, mop at least once a day or more if needed.
● Take out trash from the kitchen and dining hall.
● Keep the outside area around the dining hall neat and clean, including the hand washing sink
● Follow all Health Department regulations.
● Reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle as indicated through the camp’s procedures.
Agree to and abide by Child Abuse Prevention Statement


● Ability to work in excess of a 40-hour week with irregular work hours.

● Exposure to communicable diseases and bodily fluids.

●Position requires bending, leaning, kneeling, and walking.

Cabin Counselor

● Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing/walking for long periods of time
(60 minutes or more).
● Ability to speak concisely and effectively communicate needs.
● Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical situations and physical ability to act swiftly in an
● Ability to communicate and work with groups participating (age and skill levels) and provide
necessary instruction to campers and staff.
● Ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety
regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management
● Ability to observe staff behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety
regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate management techniques. ● Visual
and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the
● Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid. Must be able to assist
campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury) and possess strength and
endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers.
● Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds including unloading food, carry trays of dishes, lifting supplies
and equipment as needed.
● Physical ability to operate kitchen equipment according to safe recommended methods. ●
Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing, walking, and sitting (including on
the floor or ground) for long periods of time (60 minutes or more).
● This is a seasonal position during the summer camp program, June through early August.
Counselors are with their cabin group at all times when campers are in camp.
These statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They
are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required. Employees
may perform other duties as assigned. In addition to the above, all YMCA of Northern Utah employees
are expected to:
● Provide customers with the highest quality service.

● Promote teamwork and cooperative effort.
● Maintain a clean, safe work area, practice good safety habits.
● Demonstrate the YMCA Character Values of: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

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