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Wyoming River Trips

  • 233 Yellowstone Avenue, Cody, WY
  • www.wyomingrivertrips.com
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Raft Guides, Experienced and New – Wyoming

Wyoming River Trips prides itself on providing professional outdoor guiding services with a personal touch. We are constantly exploring growth opportunities for our business and how we support our staff and build community. We expect all applicants to have a passion for the outdoors and facilitating deeper connection to the places they love for their clients. All applicants and current guides are expected to be constant learners and to reflect regularly on their values and outdoor ethics. We believe thoughtful, intentional and compassionate people help build a healthy, supportive, and fun seasonal river community—with the greatest chance of becoming more than a seasonal community. All our staff are CPR and First Aid certified with guides trained in Wilderness First Aid and Swiftwater Rescue. All new hires, regardless of experience will be expected to learn WRT procedures/protocols and uphold company expectations for for risk management and efficiency. Training opportunities and staff development funds exist for new and returning guides. WRT is a launch point for new guides and those looking to start an outdoor career AND a place for experienced guides to build leadership skills, coach new guides, and continue their growth as facilitators and members of the outdoor community. If you are looking for an Instagrammable part-time job full of modern comforts, excitement, constant praise, and to be entertained, please do NOT apply. If you have chosen to forgo some modern comforts in favor of a more fulfilling life spending your days outside with good people, are interested in learning more each day and becoming a better teacher and guide, value constructive feedback as much as positive feedback, and want to build deep meaningful connections with your co-workers and clients by contributing what you can as well as valuing the contributions of others, please DO APPLY! We believe the best stories in life are the ones we realize we have after we focus solely on living our best lives and being our best selves, not those staged for public consumption. If you relate to this, we’d love to get to know you and live a little life with you. A side benefit of living your best life happens to be great photos and plenty of excitement and entertainment. New guides can expect: 

  • training and certification paths + some financial support in acquiring them.
  • competitive pay
  • to be part of a fun, creative, collaborative, conservation and sustainability minded community.
  • to guide on various stretches of river through canyon and forest environments that will help hone skills and risk management awareness/ strategies.
  • regular coaching and check-ins.
  • goal setting and acheivement sessions.
  • Mid-season and end of season feedback sessions.
Experienced guides can expect:
  • all of the above.
  • to work with management to find a schedule that supports lifestyle and other professional goals.
  • advanced guiding opportunities with our sister company, Wyoming Rivers Cooperative (3-6 day frontcountry packrafting clinics, specialty rafting trips, and backcountry packrafting expeditions).
WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING: North Fork Guide Raft Guide General Most of our hiring is done between January and April with the majority completed by April 1st. However, we do accept applications year-round.


min experience

salary range

$60 - $140 / day

Additional Job Details

International Applicants Allowed?
Work Visa Sponsoring Available

Job Overview

Job Overview

We run a class II-III Shoshone River, dam-controlled, primarily with an emphasis on positive client experience, connection to nature, and local interpretation. Additionally, we run a section of the North Fork of the Shoshone River National Forest in the early Summer on a natural flow river. This section of river frequently sees down trees and other debris and requires experienced guides focused on risk management. 


Wyoming River Trips was founded in the winter of 1978 by brothers Rick and Ron, previously rodeo cowboys, personally escorting trips that following summer. Since its inception, Wyoming River Trips is the only continually owned and operated rafting company in the Cody area, focusing on providing safe, family whitewater adventures that are accessible and approachable to all. We are now in our second generation of ownership, with Landon Blanchard and Elyse Guarino bringing their years of experience around the West, on various rivers and as backcountry expedition guides to the company’s goals moving forward. Wyoming River Trips is still the main choice for family whitewater in Cody and is also expanding to more education-focused experiences and fostering deeper connections with and care for our wild places. We prioritize hiring guides with strong environmental and community ethics and a passion for facilitating fun and reflection for our visitors. Besides creating family-focused river trips, in it’s 43-year history, WRT has cultivated a family culture within the business itself. We consistently hire personable, hard-working, team-oriented, capable of autonomy, staff looking to help create a stand-out environment on and off the river. We hold our staff to the highest industry standards, professionalism and attention to detail. We expect our staff to hold each other accountable to this standard and take pride in the WRT warehouse, grounds, and river experience from the time clients park their car until the end of the bus ride back to our office. WRT is committed to providing more than a fun trip down the river — we are a company that is committed to our clients, staff, and community. We aim to set an example within our community and expect our staff to do the same.

What to Expect

Full-time guides can expect to work 5-7 days a week starting at 7am depending on their preferences and bookings. We schedule guides by the trip and all guides are “on-call” for the entire day they are scheduled even if it looks like they don’t have trips. Our Summer work environment is very dynamic.

EXP. Joe the River Guide is scheduled for Monday. His only trip as of Monday start is 9am with an arrival time of 8:20am. While Joe is on the river with his clients, 6 people walked into the river float office and asked if they can go on the 1pm trip. Joe is our available guide, so we schedule him on it and let him know when he arrives back from his first trip.

We strive to give our staff as much notice as possible of schedule changes. However it is an expectation that all guides understand and agree to the inherent amount of uncertainty regarding schedule that comes with being a raft guide. Your schedule will change on short notice during Peak Summer Season  (mid-June – early Aug). 

Full-Time Guides can expect to work 2-3 trips per day at $40-$70/ trip + tips during the busiest part of the season. A full-time qualified guide can expect that during June and July 2 of their 5 days may be a full-day trip paid at $100-120/trip + tips on National Forest. Additionally, qualified guides will have the opportunity to apprentice and eventually work for our other company, Wyoming Rivers Cooperative (wyorivers.com) guiding multi-day packrafting trips and two-day clinics.

Part-time guides can expect to work 3-4 days a week and receive calls on “days off” asking if they are available to pick up extra work. They can also expect to work 2-3 trips per day at $40-$70/ trip + tips during the busiest part of the season.

General Schedule 

Attend Staff Training: Staff Training – Generally the first week of May

Have or Get Swiftwater and First Aid/ CPR certs: Swiftwater Certification assistance may be available. Please note in your application if you need assistance.

Intermittent work May 10th – end of May/first week of June

More regularly scheduled work the second week of June – mid August

The season will likely run through October in 2024, with the majority of September and October being curriculum-based specialty groups.


All Guides are expected to 

Be invested in WRT standards for cleanliness of the office,  boathouse, grounds, shared common spaces and staff bathroom. 

Interact with guests before trips begin and build rapport with clients early.

Identify and communicate to the team any client concerns ideally before a trip starts or as soon as they become aware of them. 

Prep boats and trailers well in advance of trip departure time 

Safely navigate the river, trails, roads or other watercraft they are using

Familiarize themselves with relevant menus, prepare delicious meals, practice safe food-handling in cluding attention to dietary restrictions and artfully present food. 

Care for and maintain WRT equipment and their personal equipment; including keeping track of and keeping organized their personal equipment in designated areas and setting aside and marking any company equipment that needs attention. 

Deliver effective and engaging safety speeches, life jacket and equipment introductions, and remain present with clients during travel to and from the river. 

Be familiar with and maintain the contents of company first aid kits as well as their own first aid kit.

Know and comply with all guidelines set forth by managing agencies of the rivers we run.

Understand and be able to execute emergency plans, know where all reporting forms are and consistently fill them out. 

Be proficient in the use of any communication devices used for emergencies and know the nearest evacuation location while navigating the river. 

Seek to make our guests trip the most memorable and positive experience they have while visiting our area.

Know and follow WRT policies regarding use of alcohol, and other substances

Maintain professional dress, including the use of current and well-maintained pfd and other safety equipment. 

Be a positive role model for kids and be adaptable to the needs of your clients.

Be a champion of adventure and maintain a positive and realistic attitude in all weather conditions. Help guests connect to and appreciate the experience they are having while making situationally appropriate decisions.

Learn your passengers’ names and show interest in who they are. Share who you are with them in a professional and approachable manner.

Deal professionally with challenging clients and utilize other guides, trip leaders and management as resources when appropriate. 

Be on time for work and have pre-trip duties accomplished before guests arrive.

Take care of yourself, your co-workers and clients in difficult situations and environments. 

Speak with clients directly if you think they are not fit for a particular challenge in a professional and tactful manner. Make sure booking and management are aware of any changes made to a customer participation in a particular trip. 

Learn area history and present it accurately and in an engaging manner

Learn and present natural history facts and notable locations

Practice the seven principles of LNT (Leave No Trace) and hold your clients and other guides to these standards at all times. 

Continually grow your interpretive skills, and personal connection to these places and support the growth of guides and clients. 

Take ownership for your words and actions

Resolve conflict in a timely and appropriate manner. Ask for help if you are unsure of how to do this.

Give and receive feedback—positive, constructive, and self, as a tool for growing and building a healthy, high-functioning guide culture.

Complete all tasks from start to finish including cleaning up work areas

Solve problems using sound judgment and creative thinking when necessary, in a way that upholds company standards and values. 

Participate in pre and post-trip meetings as well as all scheduled staff meetings throughout the season. 

If you are representing WRT outside of working hours, do so professionally and in a manner consistent with our values and standards of professionalism

Work long hours with a good attitude and attention to self-care. Each staff member is responsible for encouraging others, and maintaining a positive work environment while communicating openly and honestly about their needs. Let’s avoid burnout by supporting each other and ourselves. 

Be willing to adapt as internal procedures change, industry standards change or additional responsibilities arise. 

Don’t badmouth other companies and work to build a community-wide river community that includes guides from other companies. 

Uphold WRT company policies at all times

Special Benefits

Wilderness First Aid and CPR cert/recert assistance available

Swiftwater training assistance/recert assistance available

Shared common spaces and vehicle camping available in our parking lot (no tent camping available)

Qualified guides may have the opportunity to guide at Wyoming Rivers Cooperative (wyorivers.com)

We offer our staff 2 days off a week with 1 day off per week in the high season (late June - Aug)

Competitive pay

Fun community invested in building healthy fun relationships with one another. 

Proximity to Yellowstone (40 minutes to the east gate)

Proximity to the Wapiti Valley (20 minutes)

Proximity to the Absaroka Mountains (15-30 minutes, depending on the trailhead chosen)

Climbing, mountain biking, and running trails are walkable from our warehouse

More advanced whitewater stretches 10 minutes from our warehouse for kayakers and advanced boaters.

Minimum Requirements

Some river experience or equivilant outdoor guide/education experience that can transfer to working with people in a river environment.

Desire to continue learning about yourself and the environments you live and work in

Compassionate, empathetic and able to take ownership for words and actions

Desire to work in a dynamic and fun environment

Loves people and can work with anyone, from any background and with differing beliefs and opinions than your own.

Invested in building community and loves people

Love of hard work and fun

*Love of costumes and river flare, a bonus.

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