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US Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station

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About US Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station

The US Forest PNW Research Station's Forest Inventory & Analysis (FIA) unit is part of a nationwide program which collects, processes, analyzes, evaluates, and publishes comprehensive information on forest and other related renewable resources. Administration for the data collection team is located in Portland, Oregon and field crews are remotely stationed throughout Washington, Oregon and California.

Forestry Technician positions will support sampling field plots located on a systematic grid across all land ownerships and will be almost entirely field based. A wide variety of information is collected in the inventory, including: tree measurements; forest pathogens; understory vegetation composition and structure; stand treatments and disturbances; down woody material measurements; and land ownership. The areas sampled for the Forest Inventory by the PNW Research Station cover a diversity of ecological communities.

Crews will use maps, aerial photos, and GPS units to navigate to permanent plot locations. Crews use portable, handheld computers to collect data in the field and then process the data later using laptop computers to address data inconsistencies, anomalies, or errors.

The field-season for Seasonal 1039 employees typically runs from mid-April through late October. Each crew travels frequently and independently within their duty station area. Data collection field staff can expect to be in travel status anywhere from 40-80% of the field season. Duration of single trips range from a few days to upwards of a month in less common situations. Lodging while traveling is generally in motel/hotels but car camping and backpacking will be required.

In all areas, work conditions are often arduous. Work may be performed in inclement weather (cold, heat,   rain, snow) and on rugged, steep, slippery, and/or brushy slopes. Significant amounts of on-trail and off-trail hiking is required. Crew members must carry a 45lb pack daily, with pack weights sometimes exceeding 60lbs. Exposure to hazards such as poisonous plants, wildlife, and stinging/biting insects is common. Additionally, travel by helicopter, stock animal, or boat is occasionally required.

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