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About She Summits Co.

We are a female-oriented summer camp and guide service that fosters self-confidence through brave outdoor experiences in Maine.

Why Work here

At She Summits Co. we are a family of friends. When you join the family we hold each other up and help each other out. Our Trip Leaders and Day Trip Leaders make the summer camp experience. You are the glue that holds it all together. We want Trip Leaders who will give an unprecedented experience to every camper and leadership staff who want to help create and support our working environment. We want inspiring, motivated, optimistic, outdoor-loving individuals.

We seek out trustworthy, skilled, and empowered people who envelop our mission and vision in their daily lives. Most importantly, we want you to be brave and apply. Even if you are telling yourself the story that you can’t apply because you don’t meet all the criteria. We want you to apply. Put yourself out there and see what happens. BE BRAVE!

Role Models

Trip Leaders and Day Trip Leaders serve as role models for our summer campers. Typically they are college-aged students or recent graduates from across the United States. You are a teacher, a confidant, a friend, a leader, a cook, a sister, an inspiration, and a professional. Diverse backgrounds that congregate around a love of the outdoors, a need to help keep green spaces green, and a passion for teaching others are what we love to see in our Trip Leaders and Day Trip Leaders.

Qualified Leaders

It’s in the job title- Trip Leader, we want you to be comfortable in the outdoors not just taking care of yourself but also by taking care of others. Showing you have the knowledge, credentials, and have put in the preparation time are what leaders do. Our Trip Leaders and Day Trip Leaders all have Wilderness First Responder Certifications, Maine Trip Leader Certifications (Trained at Camp), CPR, and Tick Inspection Certified. Some of our Leaders will also have Lifeguard Training, Leave No Trace Leader Instructors, Certified Life Coaches, Certified Fitness Coaches, and Yoga Instructors.


Our leaders arrive three weeks before camps start to be able to go through comprehensive training on what each camp entails. The Trip Leaders go through Maine Trip Leader Certification first and then we embark on our on-trail training. These experiential weeks cover all aspects of camp and make you self confident in our Maine wilderness areas. Dance parties are had, songs are sung, and becoming part of the She Summits family happens.


We are excited that we can provide a custom program for internship credits. All of our jobs have real-world business and outdoor experiences. Check out our Field Experience Handbook for information on what an internship with us may look like. To apply for an internship please fill out our online application and give us more information about what kind of internship you may be looking for. If you have questions about the internship programs please email Amanda Hatley, Director at [email protected]






We can’t wait to see your applications!!

Equal Opportunity Employer

She Summits Co, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status. This policy applies to any employee, applicant, or camp participant.

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