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About Phinizy Center for Water Sciences

Our mission is to provide leadership for sustainable watersheds and economic vitality through research, education and by connecting people with nature.

The vision of Phinizy Center is that every community will have a healthy environment that includes clean water and watersheds.

Our organization values:

  • being a source of knowledge, science, and recreation
  • conservation and stewardship of our finite freshwater resources
  • environmental education for everyone
  • unbiased work that advances knowledge
  • building bridges between economic activity and environmental concerns

Clean water. A healthy environment. Economic prosperity. Community well-being. These are the driving goals behind what Phinizy Center, legally known as Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, does. Based out of the beautiful Phinizy Swamp Nature Park near downtown Augusta, Phinizy Center strives to investigate, collaborate, educate, and innovate.

Phinizy Center, a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1996 in response to a critical need in the community for independent water quality research expertise, K-12 environmental education, and environmental stewardship. Phinizy Center provides leadership to balance sustainable watersheds and economic vitality through solutions-based research, education, and public involvement.

Phinizy Center is highly qualified for these tasks, employing degreed scientists and educators with extensive professional work experience in the natural sciences. The Phinizy Center for Water Sciences research team studies rivers and watersheds without agenda or bias in order to understand impacts on water quality and quantity. Using sound science, they develop solutions that minimize negative impacts on the aquatic ecosystems that we all rely on. Access to this research allows government agencies, water managers, businesses, and individuals to make wise and informed decisions regarding our water resources.

Education is a cornerstone for learning and growth. At Phinizy Center, children and adults have the opportunity to discover more about natural and water sciences through hands-on, educational programs within the living laboratory of the nature park.

Thousands participate each year in Phinizy’s award-winning programs designed to further understanding of our water systems and the people and animals that our water sustains. Reaching a milestone of educating 90,000 students since our 1996 beginning, we take pride in knowing that those students, either as more informed citizens or future scientists, will be able to put this knowledge to work helping to create a sustainable future.

At Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, visitors are able to connect with nature 365 days a year without an admission charge. Guided hikes, bike rides, and other events provide the community with opportunities to learn more about the importance of wetlands and our water systems.

Through research, education, and recreation, Phinizy Center is making an impact regionally and throughout the Southeast.

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