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About Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District

The Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (HLVRCD) is a special district of the state of California, located in Lassen County and set up under California law to be a locally governed agency with their own locally appointed or elected, independent board of directors. The HLVRCD implement projects on public and private lands and educate landowners and the public about resource conservation.

Our dedicated and experienced team provides education, technical assistance and large-scale planning. We work closely with many local, state and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, private landowners and public land managers on an array of programs that balance economic and environmental goals. We help bring funding and collaboration to local projects and help farmers, ranchers and landowners navigate the laws and permits that may be required. The HLVRCD operates the Susan River Watermaster program which makes the HLVRCD unique in that respect as it is the only District in the State to do so.

The activities of the District are administered by a Board of Directors who live within the District’s boundaries. The Board of Directors is actively involved in the District's policy and programs. The HLVRCD board, under state law, meet publicly once a month to debate about local conservation issues, and make decisions or take actions on these issues. Our Board also frequently employs specialists and contractors to carry out board policies and projects that address a broad array of conservation issues. Board members implement district policies and programs on a volunteer basis (board members cannot be paid for their services to RCDs).

Why Work here

The Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (RCD) recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining skilled professionals in the field of water resource management. As part of their commitment to fostering a motivated and dedicated workforce, the RCD offers a competitive wage for the their employees that stands out when compared to the cost of living in Susanville, California.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings: Susanville is located in the scenic Honey Lake Valley and is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Living in Susanville, you will have the opportunity to work in close proximity to breathtaking natural wonders, including Lassen Volcanic National Park, Plumas National Forest, and numerous lakes, rivers, and streams. This setting provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, relaxation, and inspiration.

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