Dog in Boat

Skunk Problems? I Have the Solution

My dog is an instigator. In the 8 years we’ve been roaming around, she’s had encounters with moose, bears, elk, more deer than I can remember, plenty of smaller critters and a very memorable porcupine. I’ve always wondered how she has never ran across a skunk. I had a girlfriend run into a skunk next to a small town Montana bar. How has my adventurous dog never found one.

Well, she finally found a willing skunk to douse her with some special scent. After making a few calls and receiving advice about tomato juice, vinegar and plenty of odd concoctions, I made a run to the store and bought everything that seemed like a plausible solution. I went home, tied her to a deck post and brought out the hose.

Round 1

I sniffed around to see if the scent was concentrated in any particular area. It seemed more prevalent on her neck and face than anywhere. I turned on the hose and doused her with water. Then I gave her a bath in white vinegar, avoiding the eyes and snout. I massage the vinegar in with my hands and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing again. At this point I unbuckled the leash so she could run around and relax a bit.

Round 2

The vinegar didn’t really seem to have an impact. I tied her back up and watched her look at me in disgust. I had purchased a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Soap and figured that’d be worth a shot. I really scrubbed the soap into her neck and everywhere possible without hitting her eyes or irritating her. Then I rinsed and sniffed. It seemed to work out a good deal of the smell. I did another round of vinegar, then another round of soap and she was nearly skunk free. Good enough to come back in the house at least.

Final Sniff Down

The Dr. Bronner’s did an excellent job removing the skunk smell but there was still a light odor for a good couple of weeks. This was mainly around her snout where I couldn’t scrub too hard. A good bristle brush probably would have done the trick but I just let it ride until the smell wore off. The citrus formula really did the trick but I’m sure some of the other options will work just as well.