seasonal outdoor jobs

Seasonal Workers Guide to the Off Season

Working seasonal outdoor jobs means you will have plenty of downtime in the off-season. This time is great for exploring and taking your own trips but you’ll need a strategy to survive and make your money last. Here are a few ways to make the most of your off-seasons.

1. Save and Pinch Pennies – Stating the obvious here but take Folgers Instant over Starbucks and hold your pocket book tight. The less you spend, the more time you can spend outside.

2. Odd Jobs – Replenish your funds with temporary work and odd jobs. You can find gigs on Craigslist, signup with a temp agency and pickup work as a freelance writer, photographer or other creative outlet. If you have a few flexible income sources, you can work a few days each week and get by just fine.

3. Dual Seasons – Double up your seasons and play during the shoulders. You can work as a summer raft, fishing or zip line guide and work the ski resort during the winter. Pick a location based on your ability to work both seasons. You can also look south of the border and run a game in multiple countries.

4. Camp Out – Cut your living costs by car camping and traveling during the off season. You can car camp for a month or two and save on rent while you’re having some fun.