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If you’re looking for full-time or seasonal outdoor job resources, study the market and use our resources to boost your chances. Here are guides to a number of different job categories. There are more options than most folks realize. Always keep your eyes open for unique and adventurous opportunities.

National Park Jobs – Work in the greatest places in the country. See wildlife and amazing views on the job and spend your free time exploring America’s parks. These are among the most desired outdoor roles but there a ton of different places and roles to sift through.

Camp Jobs – Fish camps, kids camps, camp counselor gigs and anything related to camps and camping. Every camp requires support from the kitchen to the outdoor leadership and guides.

Campground Hosts – Be a camp host and manage campgrounds during the summer. You get to live in amazing places, rent free. Some are volunteer posts and others pay a living wage. These are perfect for part or full time RVers and snowbirds.

Conservation Corp Jobs – Learn, work and do some good with the Conservation Corps. There are a number of different positions with scholarship opportunities as well. You will leave in shape and with a newfound respect for trail work and conservation work.

Food & Beverage – The food industry supplies jobs in some amazing places. You can work great hours as a server and have time to explore or join a world class kitchen staff at a guest ranch. There may be more food service jobs available than anything else around.

Guide Jobs – Fly fishing guides, raft guides, zip line tours and more. Have the opportunity to travel and explore everyday while getting paid. Guide roles are among the most popular pursuits in our outdoor job resources. They require some skill and there is a barrier to entry but the experiences are hard to beat.

Guest Ranch Jobs – Work with horses, run activities or work one of the many awesome jobs associated with guest ranches. These are great employers with a variety of roles. You will meet great people and have the chance to learn new skills.

Resorts – Tropical islands, desert getaways and more. Find a job in paradise at a great resort. Golf the best courses, surf the best breaks and travel the world.

Non-Profit – Do good in your community working in conservation or on social issues surrounding the outdoors. Non-profits fight for our access to public lands, do hand-on physical work and provide chances to work and travel.

Adventure – What exactly is an adventure job? Anything challenging in the outdoors. Zip line guides, mountaineering and hiking guides and more.

Ski Jobs – Fill your winter season with fresh powder days, discount or free lift tickets. Working dual seasons keeps the paychecks flowing while you travel and have a great time. Ski resorts hire for a ton of roles and they tend to be located in awesome places.

State Parks and Wildlife Agencies – Don’t overlook the state systems. You can work boat check stations, great local parks and other awesome seasonal jobs. The seasonal work gets your foot in the door for full-time career positions as well. Many folks start in these roles while going to college with a specific career track.

Wilderness Therapy – Lead youth groups on multi-day backpacking trips with trained psychologists. The pay is pretty good at some of these with opportunities to grow and move up. You also get gear discounts and tend to work in blocks with good amounts of time off between trips.

Work or Study Abroad – Jump into a foreign country through a work or study abroad program. You can see the world through several great organizati