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Land Your First Fishing or Rafting Guide Job

Landing your first fishing or rafting guide job is no easy task. The industry is tight and it takes some work to break in. Once you land that first gig though, you can take that experience and grow into some really great roles. Here are a few ways to gain experience and find that first fishing or rafting guide job.

1. Love It – Guiding only work when you really love it. You have to love the water, the fishing and be excited to share that experience. You earn knowledge and skills by spending all your free time on the water. Get after it and earn your stripes.

2. Start Somewhere – In many cases, you won’t jump right into a guide job. Find a good lodge or outfit and start by working the shop, running shuttles and doing other jobs. Get your foot in the door and make it clear that you want to train and guide. Learn from the other guides and spend a season gaining some traction. Then move up the next season.

3. Get Certifications – Do some training and advance your skills. Having wilderness first aid and swift water rescue certifications puts you in the running for some great jobs. If you want to work in Alaska, get your 6 pack from the Coast Guard and you can jump into a top tier lodge gig. Certifications are great for your resume.

4. Connections – Work your personal connections to find a job. Talk to people you know and people in the community. A personal introduction is hard to beat.

5. Check Our job Board – Stay on top of our listings to know when jobs are available. Sign up for the email alerts and get them right to your inbox. We are always looking for great jobs to deliver.

6. Post a Resume – Fill out a job seeker profile and post your resume. That way recruiters and employers can track you down with near zero effort on your part. It’s free to get setup and put your information out there. Definitely worth the few minutes of time it takes to set up your profile.