Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are most popular with young people who are having a gap in their school cycle.

These could be students waiting to join college or undergraduates on an extended break.

They are an excellent way to learn the ropes of making and managing an income as young adults move towards financial independence.

That said, anyone whose job gives them a free summer can always find a summer gig to keep them occupied- and earning.

Think a math tutor who is done for the semester for example. They could always take up a summer gig and enjoy balancing books to keep themselves engaged.

Although by their nature most summer jobs are of internship kind, there are always a number of more professional and better-paying openings.

Typical summer jobs/employers

Summer jobs fall into two main categories:

  • Those that require a specific skill

  • Those that require general skills

The former are more difficult to find but often offer better pay and a chance to get an entry-level job for those who are students.

They fall in line with the majors that students are taking in school and are usually great opportunities for learners in their senior years.

Statistics students may land summer jobs as data analysis assistants.

IT majors may work as assistants in the IT department of pretty much every firm in the country.

These are the kind of jobs that suit teachers and other professionals who are in the off-season.

Summer camp guides and counsellors are especially popular in the offseason. They are most popular in states to the East of the country.

The second category of jobs is the most suitable for juniors who are yet to pick a major.

They include jobs like lawn and yard maintenance, cleaning services, moving agency internships, digital platform management, front-office management, hotel service and pool lifeguarding.

Skills needed

The skill required will depend on the specific type of job.

To be a lifesaver, for instance, you will obviously need to be a good swimmer and have taken a number of life-saving classes.

A summer camp counsellor will similarly need to have an understanding and experience in handling the issues that young people encounter.

Most of the skills required for summer jobs will, however, depend on your individual interests and, most importantly, interpersonal skills.

They are jobs that require you to deal directly with clients and as such you have to show some wit on that front.

Employers in this category of jobs more often than not judge you on the impression you make at the interview rather than the certificates you bring.

If you are going to need a summer job, therefore, it is good to find a hobby and sharpen your skill in it.

Social media activity and creativity will come in handy when seeking a digital opening.

Photography and creative writing could land you amazing summer gigs too.

If you are on the school swim team, go beyond beating your mates in round-the-pool races and get a lifesaver certification while at it.

You're welcome in advance!


When you work at a summer job, be prepared to earn your every dime. This is not an attempt to make it sound like slavery, but a heads up to prepare you from the get-go for the hands-on experience you are likely to find yourself in.

Remember you are dealing directly with people and also most companies are probably looking to complete a huge workload within the seasonal employment period.

On the upside, the direct nature of summer jobs allows you to meet a lot of people.

You could always use this opportunity to establish relationships and networks that will be of great help as you forge ahead in life. Again, you're welcome!


The certification needed for most summer jobs is usually what you have earned outside class.

Companies that do a lot of heavy hauling will give more attention to candidates who appear to be active in athletic activities in school.

Your activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat will go a long way in arguing your case when you are seeking a digital content management gig.

The same goes for the photos you may be taking just for your gallery or blog.

For companies that are seeking specific skills, school results are also considered to ascertain that you have been doing well in their area of need.

These institutions often pick the top cream performers as they are engaging an inexperienced hand to do a professional task.

The upside is that there is a great chance of being retained beyond the summer or securing a position for the next offseason.