Youth Outdoor Science Instructor

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Siskiyou Field Institute
Job Overview

Position Description for Outdoor Science Instructors!

Compared to other residential camps where you work from the time you wake up until the time you go
to bed, staff split day shifts, evening programs, and night shifts. We also pay overtime! We value worklife balance and understand people are at their best when they recharge! We invest in our staff’s
professional development, we have an extensive instructor orientation and will reimburse for work
travel and first aid certifications. Ropes course facilitation and training hours can be tracked to put
toward certifications and to add to your resume.

Spring and Fall residential Outdoor School: April-early June and Sept-Oct.
During Outdoor School, Instructors spend their days and evenings engaging 5th and 6th graders in the
scientific exploration of our 850 acres, connecting students to their environment, and engaging in playbased nature connection.

Summer Camps: June-August.
Our summer camp Instructors lead an array of different programming focused on science, nature
literacy, and deep nature connection!

SnowSchool: February-March.
Instructors lead 3rd-12th graders on snowshoeing hikes out of Mt. Ashland Ski Area, teaching public land
appreciation, watershed science, adaptations to winter, and snow science.

Day and ropes challenge programs: Year-round.
Instructors spend the day with visiting school groups by facilitating our high/low ropes challenge course
or teaching field science concepts.

$12-15/hr. based on experience and yearly evaluations, training time paid at $12/hr.
Benefits include: Free dormitory-style housing on-site (based on availability), Pro-deals on gear and
outdoor clothing, and an opportunity to host our adult field courses and participate for free! Potential
for increased responsibility and professional growth as our programs grow, and professional
development opportunities to refine and improve your skills as an instructor.

● Instruct, mentor, and lead K-12 students in science field days, social and emotional learning,
campfires, and evening programming.
● Provide mentorship, support, supervision, and evaluation of possible high school volunteers.
● Lead group activities such as hiking, ropes challenge course, discussions and debriefs, bush crafts, and
team-building along with traditional camp games and activities.
● Collaborate, communicate, and participate as a member of the youth education team. At SFI we
prioritize group discussion and team-building for our students and instructors utilizing everyone’s
strengths to create a positive and supportive environment.
● Fulfill job expectations safely, thoroughly, and in compliance with program policies and procedures.
● Participate fully in all aspects of the on-site programming including:
a. Assists with daily mealtime cleanup
b. Assists in site set-up as assigned, participate in post-program cleaning sweeps
c. Responsible for inventory, care, and maintenance of instructional supplies and equipment
d. Provides backup support to other staff as needed and performs other duties as assigned

● High School Diploma or General Education Diploma
● Experience teaching or leading outdoor education programs preferred but not required
● Ability to bring enthusiasm and stoke, to model a love for nature and science!
● Experience working with and supervising children and/or adolescents in a personal or professional
● Ability to pass a background check to work with youth and sign a photo/video release.
● This position is a first responder in a medical emergency. The employee must be able to administer
basic first Aid/CPR and acquire/maintain a valid certification.
● Ability to physically and cognitively perform assigned duties.

● Employment is seasonal and subject to school participation schedule, hours may vary throughout the
● The environment is natural with loose gravel, uneven, hilly terrain, wooded trails, variable ambient
light, and variable weather conditions.
● The employee must carry out his or her duties regardless of inclement weather, which can include
heat, rain, snow, cold, and windy conditions while being a positive role model for students.
● Must have visual, perceptual, and cognitive ability to recognize and respond quickly to health and
safety concerns of students and to deal appropriately with any improper behavior according to our
disciplinary policy.
● Employees can be expected to carry odd objects, such as buckets of water, science equipment, and
teaching materials.



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