Retail Administrator, Glacier National Park, Summer 2019

Job Overview


This is a seasonal position (March – October). This position is based out of the Columbia Falls, MT office and does not have company housing available.


  1. Accurately match all invoices with Raymark purchase orders. While maintaining an accurate filing system to insure all invoices are paid on time.
  2. Closely working with the accounting team to ensure payments and discrepancies are handled in a timely manner.
  3. Input all vendor fill orders received by the store personnel with the assistance from the retail director and retail operations manager when needed.
  4. Insure that all credits are tracked and input into our retail system.
  5. Working with the retail director to order supplies for our store operations.
  6. Responsible for coordinating and supporting operation functions of Gift Shop Locations. Maintain flow of communication between Support Staff, Distribution Center and park wide retail employees.
  7. Provide support to store management during their opening and closing phases and in season operations.
  8. Works closely with Warehouse Managers to establish operational priorities for the distribution center operation and accurate receiving of product.
  9. Maintains the integrity of all retail inventory numbers by implementing periodic audits of system counts with an emphasis on high-ticket items. Works with the Director to develop annual loss prevention plans.
  10. Works with the retail director and retail operations manager to manager product replenishment with the corporate buying team.
  11. Supervises fulfillment of mail order requests from internet and gift shop locations when needed.
  12. Provide input on Gift Shop Managers performance and evaluations.
  13. Comply with Glacier’s Environmental Management Systems (Ecologix) and look for ways to improve the impact your job has on the environment.
  14. All other duties as assigned.


  1. Working with the retail director on ordering supplies to meet our current demand.
  2. Make decisions regarding inventory balancing based on guest traffic/sales. Contact Director with inventory issues.
  3. Safely operate Company vehicles including passenger vans and sedans; travel park-wide under seasonal weather and traffic conditions.
  4. Address and resolve guest and employee issues at own discretion, in compliance with Xanterra policies and procedures.

Skills & Knowledge:

  1. A strong accounting background is preferred.
  2. Capable of fostering an atmosphere of cooperation while directing a diverse seasonal work force at all retail locations.
  3. Ability to visualize and build a strong team concept.
  4. Possess a general knowledge and understanding of retailing souvenirs, gifts, jewelry and other products suitable for sale within Glacier National Park.
  5. Ability to perform duties with a minimum of supervision; excellent attendance and punctuality; proactive approach to managing with strong organizational and time management skills.
  6. Ability to demonstrate a professional approach to developing a management team capable of analyzing reports, inventories and staff development with revenue attainment and excellent guest service as the end result.
  7. Ability to effectively interface with guests, location management, retail employees and all other departments.  Requires excellent written and verbal communication and problem solving skills.
  8. General office skills; Microsoft Office with a strong focus on excel.
  9. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Maintain proper ergonomics when working at a desk/workstation during an eight-hour shift.
  2. Occasionally be able to stand/walk for a minimum eight-hour shift.
  3. Able to sit for long periods of time every day.
  4. Work extended hours during opening and closing of all retail operations.
  5. When needed lift and carry cartons weighing up to 50 lbs.
  6. Must be able to bend down or kneel to stock product frequently primarily during the seasonal opening and closing phase.