Bell Person/Lobby Attendant, Glacier National Park, Summer 2019

Job Overview


Courteous and proper greeting/reception of all arriving guests. Escorts guests to their rooms. Carries luggage to guest rooms. Cleans public areas and rest rooms.


  1. Escorts incoming hotel guests to rooms and assists in handling luggage.
  2. Offers information pertaining to available services and facilities of their location hotel/lodge, points of interest and entertainment attractions.
  3. On opening room for guests, ensures it is in order and properly supplied and explains operation of heater, lights, etc.
  4. May deliver messages, extra towels, ice, rollaway beds and cribs, and run errands, etc. to guest rooms according to instructions from the front desk.
  5. May arrange tables and seating for special events.
  6. Tidies lobby throughout shift, empties ashtrays and waste receptacles throughout shift, checks public restrooms on the hour/every hour for neatness, trash, proper supplies and thorough cleanliness of hand basins and toilet areas, mirrors and floors. Cleans bell staff area and front porch.
  7. Cleans and maintains all public rooms (meeting/convention rooms and other public areas).
  8. May build and maintain fire in lobby or other public room fireplace.
  9. May perform guest room moves as scheduled and directed by front desk.
  10. Cautions disorderly persons. Reports any unusual happenings, complaints or infraction of Company policy to front desk or Property Management.
  11. Is an active member of the location Emergency Action Team and receives training from Company Fire Risk Manager in evacuation of hotel/lodge in the unlikely event of fire or other emergency.
  12. May drive luggage/shuttle van.
  13. May give brief tour talks to arriving group tours on location, hours of service, etc.
  14. Monitors guest parking areas and enforces no parking zones.
  15. Adheres to all Company policies and regulations.
  16. Assists in other departments or with other job duties as requested or necessary.
  17. Organizes group tour baggage pulls in a friendly, organized, and efficient manner.
  18. Maintains a professional appearance at all times.


  • Must be pleasant, helpful, friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic and courteous in dealing with guests and co-workers.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Able to handle guest concerns in a tactful and caring manner.
  • Must be team-oriented.
  • Must possess neat and pleasant grooming habits.
  • Must possess valid/current driver’s license and pass the Defensive Driving Class if available.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Historic hotel/motor inn as well as the surrounding area.
  • Job entails constant moving, walking, bending, stretching, carrying heavy objects and climbing staircases (no elevator available).  Handles large amount of baggage by cart or hand.
  • Must be a people person who thrives on public contact.
  • Knowledge of Glacier Park, services, hiking, and attractions.


  1. Frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling guest luggage up to 100 lbs, and/or up to 500 lbs on wheeled carts, for up to 6 hours per shift.
  2. Extensive stretching, bending, kneeling, walking, climbing up and down stairs. Could total up to 10 hours per shift.
  3. Standing for up to 10 hours per shift.
  4. Working in various weather conditions.
  5. Working with required chemicals and equipment.


    • To take necessary steps to ensure excellent guest service.
    • To report and/or respond immediately to any unsafe condition.