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Camp Tamakwa
Job Overview

Camp Tamakwa in Algonquin Park is looking for a registered RN or RPN excited to spend a summer in the park as part of our medical team.

A great way to get hands on experience working with kids, with a team of incredible doctors… in a beautiful setting!!!

Successful applicants would live and work on site from June 17- Aug 17, all room and board is provided

For more information please don’t hesitate to call us at 416 924 7433


The nurse works closely with the on-site camp physician to promote good health and provide health care when required.
Ensures that the clinic is kept clean and stocked with appropriate supplies and medications.
Keeps clear, accurate and concise records on all campers and staff.
Keeps a daily medical log and maintains and documents the camper/staff chart.
Dispenses and keeps a record of daily medications administered.
Keeps track of patients requiring follow-up visits for medical care.
Observes at all times all areas of camp to ensure optimum levels of health and safety for campers
and staff.
Makes sure that medications brought to camp are locked in the medication cupboard in the clinic unless discussed and approved by the camp doctor.
Provides first aid kits for cabin cookouts (three Mondays each month) and restocks them after each cookout. Epi-Pens and camper medication given to the counselor before departure.
Obtains lists of campers and staff scheduled for upcoming canoe trips and discusses special needs with the head tripper as well as individual trippers. Provides specific medications as required by campers/staff to the tripper. Non-participation in canoe tripping is a joint decision made by the doctor, camp director and head tripper.
Prepares and maintains a first-aid kit for each tripper. Each kit is to be returned for inspection following each canoe trip for re-stocking if necessary.
One nurse is always on-call during non-clinic hours
Approximate Daily Schedule:
-8:15am – Medications
-8:30am – Breakfast
-9:30am – Prepare Tripper First Aid Kits for next day’s trips -10:00am – Clinic Call (during first activity period) -12:00pm – Medications
-12:15pm – Lunch
-Afternoon – Interface with Trippers for next day’s trips
(medications, allergies, and first aid kits) -6:00pm – Medications


-6:15pm – Dinner
-7:00pm – Clinic Call (after dinner)
-9:15pm – Possible Sick campers, late Meds, follow-up




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