Summer Volunteer

Camp Outlook
Job Overview

Looking for something to do this 2019 summer?


Want to spend it canoe tripping in one of Canada’s most spectacular wilderness areas with a group of cool like-minded people?


If so, you should volunteer with Camp Outlook.


What is camp outlook?
We are a volunteer-run charity with a mission to take troubled youth from perhaps disadvantaged backgrounds on canoe trips in Ontario’s Algonquin Park without any of those camping fees


Who Outlook volunteers are
A diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds with a shared love of the outdoors and helping others


What do we do?
Outlook runs 5, 9, and 14 day canoe trips in Algonquin Park from Outlook’s base in Kingston, Ontario from the middle of June until late August.


What training do you need to volunteer for Outlook?
Outlook puts all its volunteers through a five-week training course in wilderness first aid, lifesaving, youth counselling, canoeing and backcountry skills.


Who are the campers?
Youth aged 13 to 17 from Kingston and surrounding areas. They come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and most have had trouble at home or in school. While it may be challenging; there is no group of people more rewarding to work with.


What you don’t get for volunteering for the summer?
Paid monetarily.


What do you get for volunteering for the summer?
Free room and board in a house for the summer in Kingston, Ontario.
First aid, swimming, outdoors, and youth counseling certifications that look great on a resume.  
Lifelong friendships.
Amazing memories.
A unique volunteering experience that will impress future employers.


When is this?
Volunteering with Outlook is a full time commitment from May 20th till August 25th.


What you need to do!
You will need to submit an application from the website ASAP to the following e-mail: [email protected]
The deadline is February 25th 2019.