Summer Camp Counselor (Paid)

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Camp Wyoming
Job Overview

Come work as a summer camp counselor at Camp Wyoming (in Iowa…we know…weird name). We are a Christian camp for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade, and we are looking for people who want to make a difference this summer. We aren’t going to lie, being a camp counselor is incredibly hard work. You are responsible for the care of each of the kids entrusted to you, and that means making sure they eat and shower and brush their teeth and wear socks with their shoes. It means sitting up with them at night when they’re scared of the dark. It also means teaching them how to paddle a kayak, knocking them over in bubble soccer, catching them when they fall off the trust fall, and answering their questions about Jesus in Bible study. It means making slumgullion over the fire (you’re going to love it), dancing to grooveship worship, and singing by candlelight beneath the stars. It means picking up a kid when they fall in the dirt, giving them a high five when they finally hit the bull’s eye in archery, and letting them cover you in mud in the creek. Being a camp counselor is exhausting and messy and difficult and wonderful and the most rewarding thing you could possibly do with your summer. You don’t want to let this one pass you by. For more information and to apply, visit


  1. Be a versatile and flexible member of the staff
  2. Be responsible for the health, safety, and supervision of the campers residing in your group.
  3. Live in a cabin, tent, or tree house with the campers in your group.
  4. Be sensitive to the individual needs of each camper within your group.
  5. Lead Bible studies and discussions.
  6. Help campers to share what they have learned and experienced with other campers.
  7. Serve as a Meal MC.
  8. Plan daily activities and participate in evening programs, campfires, and worships.
  9. Participate in clean-up at the end of each week.
  10. Be a compassionate and empathetic listener to campers and fellow staff.
  11. Be a living example of a believer in the Christian faith; be willing to share your faith appropriately with others.
  12. Abide by the rules of Camp Wyoming and help enforce them.
  13. Perform additional duties as assigned.