Overnight Camp Counselor-Summer Position

This job has been Expired
Colorado Lions Camp
Job Overview

Colorado Lions Camp

Job Description


Position Title:  Summer Camp Counselor

Responsible to:  Camp Director, Sr. Lead Counselor







  1. Age 18 or above
  2. Current First Aid Certification (provided during staff training week if needed)
  3. Current CPR Certification (provided during staff training week if needed)
  4. Camping experience preferred
  5. Lift a minimum of 25 pounds
  6. A genuine interest in working with children and adults with special needs.
  7. Must be enthusiastic, have high moral character and a team player
  8. Independent, mature and have the ability to supervise and take care of others
  9. Must be able to work at altitudes of at least 8500 feet




  1. Provide a positive atmosphere for campers and staff, by demonstrating enthusiasm, excitement, and energy during camp activities.
  2. Have the ability to conduct yourself in a professional manner, while still having a great time with campers and staff.
  3. Direct responsibility for 4-5 assigned campers per session. Ratio will vary depending upon the needs and abilities of the camper.
  4. Possess the ability to appropriately manage camper behaviors/situations in a positive manner.
  5. Supervise campers’ activities in the dormitories during assigned cabin duty times (rest time and after evening programs).
  6. Daily responsibility of caring and assisting campers with activities of daily living (ADL’S) as needed: including prompting, dressing, bathing, toileting, meal times and supervision throughout the day.
  7. Assist in camper check-in/check-out procedures which include welcoming parents/caregivers and campers, marking camper clothing, packing and unpacking luggage, making sure camper is organized/settled into dorm area.
  8. Explain and enforce all camp rules to campers.
  9. Assist program staff with facilitation of camp events and programs.
  10. Daily maintenance of facilities: sweeping and mopping living quarters, disinfecting restroom areas, and organizing camper’s belongings.
  11. Successfully complete mandatory staff and volunteer training prior to the start of summer camp sessions.
  12. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.
  13. All other duties assigned by leadership staff.
  14. The ability to HAVE FUN!