Male Summer Camp Counsellor

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Pearce Williams Summer Camp
Job Overview

Job Posting information for Male Counsellors:

Pearce Williams Summer Camp is looking for qualified Male General Counsellors to lead camper cabin groups this summer.  Counsellors are responsible for leading & supervising cabin groups of 6 to 8 campers over the course of the summer.  Pearce Williams Summer Camp runs two camp programs – Residential Camp & Wilderness Camp.  Camp sessions run from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon with most Saturday’s off. Abilities should include strong leadership skills, experience working with children, game leading skills and a love of the outdoors.  The campers range from age 5 to 14.

The job description for all staff at Pearce Williams Summer Camp is to do what needs to be done to ensure that our summer campers have the most amazing summer camp experience.

Responsible to: Executive Director, Camp Director and Camper Counsellor Care Coordinator

Counsellors will provide a current criminal reference check and have relevant experience. Emergency First aid is required with at least CPR C.

Please visit our website to find out more information about Pearce Williams Summer Camp and to fill in our online application. ( Pearce Williams Summer Camp is located just ½ hour southwest of London, Ontario.

Compensation varies depending on the position and experience.  All positions include room, board and use of facilities. Range is $250-$560 per week.

Locations: Pearce Williams Summer Camp, 8009 Iona Road, Fingal, Ontario.

Dates:  From June 28th, 2019, to August 23rd, 2019 inclusive.


Contact information:

Matt Honsberger,

Camp Director

8009 Iona Road

Fingal, Ontario  N0L 1K0

P: 519.764.2317

[email protected]

Responsible to: Camp Director, Program Coordinator, and Camper Counsellor Care Coordinator
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
 Doing what needs to be done to provide our campers with an amazing camp experience.
 Accepting responsibility for the total well-being of each assigned camper; including their health, safety, and
mental, social, emotional integrity.
 Planning and implementing programs that will provide safe, fun filled camper development.
 Encouraging and assisting your campers to grow in their faith through living and learning experiences.
 Becoming familiar with and obeying all camp policies and procedures: questions or disagreements should
only be discussed privately with the person who can do something about the problem.
 Using any specialized facilities or equipment (pool, kitchen, barn, etc.) only with specific approval and
 Working positively and cooperatively with other staff as required, completing any duties assigned by the
Camp Director or the designated person in charge.
 Completing written reports as assigned.
 Welcome campers and camper parents as they arrive, and introduce them to other campers, leaders,
facilities, rules.
 Read camper information sheets and know any special concerns (dietary, fears, bed wetting etc)
 Report illness to Camp Medic immediately and bring campers for medication at designated times.
 Guide individual campers to participate in group, session and all camp activities.
 Have activities planned/ready for campers to do during free times (games, crafts, etc).
 Supervise final cabin clean up and check lost and found items with campers.
 Assist campers and parents with departure until all in the cabin have left.
 Clear cabin of all camper effects. Lost items should be taken to the Camp Medic.
 Do a final clean of the cabin then complete any site-turnaround tasks as assigned.
 Prepare a program plan that contains activities for the week and any supplies needed.
 Maintain a neat and tidy instructional area.
 Care for the equipment and materials used in your area. Report any damaged items or inventory needs to the
Program Coordinator so items can be restocked in ample time..
 If possessing appropriate qualifications – Be prepared to lifeguard when asked.
 Be on time and keep your session/cabin group together
 At all times, know the whereabouts of each camper in your cabin/attending your session.
 Create opportunities to make personal connections with each camper in your cabin/session
 Enforce discipline procedures and provide immediate follow through with the Camper Counsellor Care Coord.
 Participate in Night Games, Camp Fires, Vespers, Chapel and Jump Start and Special Program as assigned.
Risk Assessment:
 This job will have the opportunity to be alone with a camper and so will require at Police Records Check with
Vulnerable Sector Screening.
Limits & Boundaries:
 Counsellors are at camp to show the campers an amazing camp experience. Campers can come to camp
with many different challenges and needs. All staff need to be prepared to deal with a variety of situations
but should know their limits and boundaries. The counselor is here to be a supervisor and mentor, but not to
“counsel” campers about more serious issues that might arise – abuse of any kind, home problems etc. Any
issues of this nature that are brought forward should be discussed with the Camp Director.