Fall Program Instructor

Job Overview

As a program instructor at the Berkshire Outdoor Center, you will spend your days outside facilitating meaningful, challenging experiences for our students and guests.

Berkshire Outdoor Center runs a wide variety of programming focused around self-discovery, interpersonal connecting and learning about the natural world. Our program instructors work directly with elementary-college aged students, families and adults to support their learning experiences in the outdoors.

Seasonal Employment Options
Because we run all year long, we are always looking for great staff. Staff work with us from as little as a few weekends to as much as several years.

Fall Season

  • Commences between August 17-24
  • Ends between November 1-15

Winter Season

  • Commences between January 1-7
  • Ends between March 15-30

Spring Season

  • Commences between April 1-15
  • Ends between June 15-30

Summer Season

  • Commences between June 15-30
  • Ends between August 1-10

Regarding Dates
When you apply, simply indicate your available start and end dates
Staff may commence or end work outside of official season dates
All seasons commence with one week of staff training

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