2020 Summer – Tour Guide & CDL Driver

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Alaska Mountain Guides
  • PO BOX 942
  • Post Date: January 18, 2019
  • Apply Before: March 31, 2020
Job Overview


The Haines Tour Guide’s main responsibility is to carry out the company’s mission of providing our guests with a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience. The Haines Tour Guide will lead and entertain busloads of Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures’ guests on several different bus-based tours. This is primarily a public speaking role.

Our bus-based tours travel around to local attractions, stop at museums and take scenic drives as far as the summit of Chilkat Pass. Each tour has a different ‘theme’ or feel to it, so the Haines Tour Guide will be expected to learn a variety of different types of information about the area. The Haines Tour Guide will also help facilitate tours at the various stops, sometimes in conjunction with a local site specialist. Most of the time the Haines Tour Guide will be working with a bus driver on tour; in turn, we also expect the Haines Tour Guide to rotate shifts as a bus driver. The Haines Tour Guide reports to the Bus Tour Manager, the Haines Program Manager and the Haines Program Assistant Manager.

    In General:
    • Possess a friendly, outgoing and professional demeanor at all times during interactions with the guests and other Alaska Mountain Guides employees.
    • Follow AMG’s policies and procedures at all times.
    • Have good leadership skills and the ability to communicate with and facilitate tours for groups up to 48 people.
    • Prior to beginning work, have a valid Passport that will not expire before the end of the season. Some of our tours go into Canada.
    • Must have or obtain a valid Class B CDL with Passenger and Airbrakes endorsements. We can help future employees obtain them in Haines prior to beginning in a paid role.
    • Proof of medical certification – minimum of basic first aid and CPR. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is strongly preferred.As a Tour Guide:
    • Complete our company Haines Tour Guide Training. This will be a formal training course of about 7 days that will have a curriculum and dedicated instructors.
    • For training purposes, incoming tour guides must be willing to be videotaped and participate in constructive peer review.
    • Prior to working in a paid role, new tour guides will be required to pass a “check-off” run, essentially a final test, of all components of the tours that a Haines Tour Guide is responsible for leading. This process may include a series of written tests.
    • Occasionally be audited on tour by a senior staff member, especially early on in the season. This will allow the management team to track new employees’ progress and provide constructive feedback.
    • If asked, be willing to audit a fellow Haines Tour Guide on tour and provide constructive feedback to the fellow employee and/or to the management team.

For CDL Driving:
• Must obtain and maintain a valid Class B CDL with Passenger and Airbrakes endorsements. To be eligible to obtain a CDL, a candidate must have a clean driving record, be over 19 years of age by May 1, 2018, and have had a driver’s license for at least one year.
• Must be willing to contribute to bus driving duties for these and other tours.
• Pass FMCSA required pre-employment drug tests & screening.
• Be enrolled in an FMCSA required random drug testing program.
• Have and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Card.
• Completion of AMG Haines Driver training program (minimum of 8 hours).

Main Duty & Responsibility:
• To perform the extent of the job as per the relevant Guide Manual, Guide Training Manual, Employee Handbook and all other relevant company publications.

On Tour:
• Perform all of the necessary pre-trip procedures, including: filling out pre-trip paperwork, collecting equipment and food necessary for the tour, etc.
• Follow appropriate company procedures while picking up guests at the dock, i.e., greeting the guests, taking tickets, signing waivers and loading up on the bus, etc.
• Deliver safety briefings and follow all company policies and procedures in regards to safety on tour.
• Provide a fun, entertaining and educational tour for groups of 48 guests or more.
• Be timely, make all required stops and maintain a tight schedule throughout the day.
• Provide the tour exactly as written in the published tour description.
• Complete all of the necessary post-trip procedures, including filling out post-trip paperwork, cleaning and returning relevant equipment and vehicles, filling out timecards, etc.

As a CDL Driver:
• Rotate shifts driving CDL buses in support of these and other tours. Have and maintain a clean driving record in order to be insured by AMG company automotive insurance.
• Maintain an FMCSA approved logbook for driving hours.
• Complete vehicle checklists as needed.
• Responsible for cleanliness and excellent maintenance of buses, tour equipment, and the locations that the tours visit.
• Responsible for communicating all gear and vehicle issues to maintenance staff.
• Complete appropriate driver checklists & paperwork at the end of each shift.

At All Times:
• Assist with other jobs/projects as needed by Alaska Mountain Guides administration, this may include but is not limited to:
• Driving vehicles with guests or with our equipment.
• Cleaning/maintaining gear, vehicles and warehouse.
• Assisting with food prep for cruise program.
• Assisting with grounds/lodging maintenance, cleaning, and general support.
• Must at all times be clean, well-groomed, courteous, honest, and reliable.
• Must be willing to work as a strong team member, assisting in the maintenance of group morale.
• Must possess the desire to continually improve his/her knowledge and skills.

Staff training will provide a foundation for our employees to start building their tour guiding resumes. It also will serve to put in place a set of standards that we expect all of our staff to maintain, no matter what role they have. In addition to completing tour guide training, we require that our tour guides develop a thorough comprehension of all program components and receive a check-off on all systems before entering a paid role.

Upon arrival to Haines, incoming employees will receive relevant Guide Training Manuals. They will also complete all required U.S. employment paperwork and all CDL paperwork required by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.

Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures (AMG) and its sister companies comply with all applicable federal laws regarding CDL drivers and CDL operations. FMCSA regulations and AMG’s own policies and procedures ensure that our guests will receive the highest quality tours possible in terms of bus transportation safety. As a result of federal regulations, each Haines CDL Driver will be required to participate in an approved random drug testing program and also be required to complete and maintain some paperwork in addition to the regular employee paperwork for all other employees.

If you are interested in pursuing this position, please visit our website to fill out an application. Email us an application, cover letter and resume. We will formally begin the application review process at that point and contact you thereafter.