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Eagle's Nest Foundation
Year Round
Job Overview


Eagle’s Nest Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, focused on the mission of: Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.


The In-Camp Program Manager’s prime function is to work closely with the Camp Director to help create the vision for the continued development of Eagle’s Nest Camp and Hante Adventures programs and to assist in ensuring the Eagle’s Nest Foundation mission is central to the camp programs. The In-Camp Program Manager will help support the long-range goals for Eagle’s Nest Camp and Hante Adventures through the programs that we run and the staff that we hire, train and supervise.



The In-Camp Program Manager (ICPM) is a full time, year round, exempt position reporting to the Camp Director. The ICPM will focus on the development and implementation of the in-camp programs (including arts, athletics, swimming and horseback riding) for Eagle’s Nest Camp and will work closely with the Camp Director to help ensure the content and quality of the classes, related activities, and all logistics associated with running that program are superior.  This includes curriculum development and assistance with recruiting, hiring, training and mentoring staff.


The ICPM shall serve as a member of the full time administrative leadership and will serve as a mentor and provide supervisory support (along with the Camp Director) for summer leadership staff. The ICPM serves on the Administrative Council of Camp and supports the Assistant Director with the oversight of Risk Management for camp, working closely with the Executive Director, Camp Director, Assistant Director, Director of The Outdoor Academy and with the Outdoor Academy Outdoor Education Manager (OEM). This position is to serve the Foundation with primary responsibility to Eagle’s Nest Camp.



Program Leadership and Support:

  1. Create program design for all in-camp programs at Eagle’s Nest Camp. This includes overseeing the creation and updating of curriculum guides and resources for all in-camp classes including arts, athletics, swimming and horseback riding.
  2. Manage program purchases, inventory, and upkeep of equipment/supplies for all in-camp activities. This includes all purchases for arts, athletics, swimming and horseback riding.
  3. In the summer, the ICPM will periodically observe, mentor, and assist with teaching classes.
  4. Set up summer camp program areas for in-camp classes including repairing gear, equipment, and program areas, and ordering equipment.
  5. Oversee program content of all in-camp classes and assist counselors as needed with program design and safety.
  6. Be responsible for all program inventories for arts, athletics, swimming, horseback riding and other in-camp classes, condition of equipment, storage of equipment, and condition of program areas.
  7. Oversee the horseback riding program, including arranging for the leasing and transfer of horses to and from camp, reviewing soundness and appropriateness of horses in the program, arranging veterinary care, and supervising the Riding Director and their responsibilities associated with the riding program.
  8. Assist the Director with pre-planning camp activities (classes and evening and weekend activities) and activity schedules.  Work with the Camp Director and staff to establish the maximum numbers of campers per activity.
  9. Along with the other administrative staff serve as an Administrator on duty for evening and night coverage of camp.
  10. With the Summer Assistant Program Manager, oversee the scheduling and organizing of the counselors running the nightly and weekend programs. Schedule shall be set at Sunday counselor meetings. Shall oversee the planning and review of staff members plans for activities.
  11. Oversee program content of all in-camp classes and assist counselors as needed with program design and safety.  Ensure that staff with proper certifications are teaching each activity.
  12. Oversee the smooth functioning of the Program Office. Work with the Assistant Director to create a welcoming, clean, functional space for camp staff.
  13. Keep and up-date all records of camper and staff advancements.
  14. Be responsible for all in-camp program inventories, condition of equipment, storage of equipment, and condition of program areas.  Should delegate however necessary in all these areas above and should be in coordination with the Property Manager.
  15. Be in charge of camper scheduling and sign-ups.  Assist Director in camper sign-ups.  Supervise Summer Assistant Program Manager in creation of rosters and sign-up posters.
  16. Maintain camper schedules; be on hand in the Program Office for advice, changes, etc.
  17. Arrange Program Office coverage during class times and be in charge of jobs needing to be done during that time.
  18. Arrange bell schedule and be responsible for bells.
  19. Oversee the Summer Assistant Program Manager in the creation of the flag raising/snack/bread making and compost schedules.
  20. Create and maintain a working class board system.
  21. Be responsible for the overall transportation and vehicle needs for Camp. Coordinate with the Assistant Camp Director.
  22. Other duties as assigned as they relate to the needs of the program.


Risk Management:

  1. Assist with the accreditation process for American Camp Association
  2. Support the Assistant Camp Director with overseeing risk management for Eagle’s Nest Camp as it is related to in-camp programing.
  3. Support the Assistant Camp Director with organizing and updating Emergency Paperwork for On Campus Emergencies for Camp and ensure paperwork. Ensure that activity specific risk management plans are posted in all activity areas and that disaster procedures are posted in all cabins.
  4. Educate and train staff in risk management.
  5. Participate in Risk Management Committee Meetings.
  6. Review and keep a running spreadsheet of all Incident and Accident forms for in-camp programs and general campus accidents and incidents. Respond to tends.
  7. Stay current with industry standards in regards to safety for arts, athletics, swimming, horseback riding and other in-camp programs.
  8. Track trends and make recommendations for improvement to Risk Management Committee. Oversee that changes are being made.
  9. Assist with the filing of insurance claims as they relate to program areas and risk management


Staff Support:

  1. Assist Camp Director with advertising for summer staff, collecting applications, arranging interviews, handling reference checks, etc.
  2. Assist Camp Director with the preparation of information packets, mailings and emails for summer staff.
  3. Receive, review and organize all camp staff certifications and other forms in preparation for the summer and file at the end of the summer.
  4. Assist with the management of pre-camp staff training. This includes arranging pickups for staff, welcoming and greeting staff, and establishing a professional environment for all clinic and work camp participants by implementing all systems in camp: rules, regulations and job assignments.
  5. Coordinate pick-ups for staff members arriving to the airport.
  6. Help create and maintain job descriptions for staff working in the arts, athletics, swimming and horseback riding programs.
  7. Oversee the running of the Horseback Riding and Life Guard Training clinics. Coordinate clinic plans with the Camp Director.  This includes hiring clinic staff for Riding and LGT clinics (final contracts will be signed by the Camp Director), reviewing clinic schedules and content with clinic instructors, overseeing clinic schedules and their timeliness, and collecting participant evaluations for each clinic.
  8. Conduct evaluations of arts, athletics, swimming, horseback riding and other in-camp Activity Heads at least twice per summer. Facilitate co-instructor evaluations and peer evaluations. Help train staff on giving and receiving feedback. Give evaluations to Camp Director in a timely manner throughout the summer.
  9. Facilitate co-instructor evaluations and peer evaluations. Help train staff on giving and receiving feedback.  Give all evaluations to Camp Director in a timely manner throughout the summer.
  10. Assist with planning and leading staff orientation.
  11. Train and supervise the summer Assistant Program Manager.
  12. As a full time Camp Administrator, serve as a Rambler (on call person for the entire campus).
  13. Manage duty assignments for opening and closing days



  1. Work with the Camp Director to build the program budget for in-camp program needs. Oversee those budgets.
  2. Work with appropriate OA member to budget for programs that share supplies.
  3. Review and organize receipts and accounting for in-camp programs.
  4. Train staff on purchasing and accounting. Review budget details with them.


Marketing Support:

  1. Assist with some marketing of camp and wilderness programs at Eagle’s Nest, including some travel for promotions to visit potential campers and staff members, making connections with outdoor programs, clubs, and schools and in other organizations.
  2. Assist with blog writing for Eagle’s Nest Camp and Hante Adventures.


Foundation Support:

  1. Assist with program management for ENF Trustee/Rep Weekend, and assist the Assistant Director with the coordination of other programming.




  1. B.A. or B.S. in a related field, or prior work experience in education or outdoor leadership.
  2. Experience with Risk Management
  3. Experience with staff supervision and program logistics.
  4. Experience working with and teaching students in experiential education and residential settings.
  5. Well-developed planning and organizational skills, and clear driving record.
  6. Strong public speaking capabilities and refined communication skills.
  7. Enthusiasm for educational enrichment programming and holistic education.
  8. Experience working in a residential summer camp



  1. Ability and interest to work in G-Suite, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and other basic computer programs.
  2. Experience with horses



  1. The majority of work will be conducted on campus at the Pisgah Forest location; however, off-site work in the outdoors leading children and teenagers and mentoring and supervising staff will occur throughout the summer camp session and the academic year.  The ability to work long days in hot and/or cold environments and lift heavy gear and boxes is required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.
  2. During the summer camp season, the ICPM will be required to live on campus.
  3. During the summer camp season, the ICPM will need to be available throughout the day and night and will have one 24-hour day off a week and six 6-hour nights off per summer. From mid-August to early May, the ICPM should be flexible to work some evenings and weekends as needed to fulfill program demands.



Salary (Yearly Contract), on-campus room and board mid-May through mid-August, contributory health insurance plan, retirement plans, paid time off, Camp and OA discounts for dependent children, pro-deals on gear, and outdoor leadership training. Specific benefits are outlined in the employment contract.



Email resume and cover letter to Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director at [email protected].

Eagle’s Nest Foundation and Eagle’s Nest Camp

43 Hart Road

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768



Eagle’s Nest Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disabling condition or sexual orientation. Eagle’s Nest encourages underrepresented minorities to apply.