Camp Muddy Sneakers Lead Instructor

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Muddy Sneakers, Inc.
  • PO Box 146
  • Post Date: March 12, 2020
  • Apply Before: November 15, 2021
Job Overview

Camp Muddy Sneakers is seeking motivated and passionate educators to join our camp lead instructor team from June through mid-August.

Camp Muddy Sneakers is a nature-based day camp focused on getting kids outdoors to inspire curiosity, connect with nature, stay active, and cultivate a sense of stewardship. Sessions are offered for the following ages: Curious Critters (ages 4-6), Nature Explorers (ages 6-8), Trail Blazers (ages 9-11, and Outdoor Science Adventures (ages 12-14).

Lead Instructor Responsibilities:

Essential Functions-

  • Effectively communicate in both verbal and written communications
  • Listen to and comprehend oral communication
  • Read written documentation both on paper and on screen
  • Be comfortable and work effectively in an outdoor or natural setting
  • Work with and have patience for children for up to 8 hours a day
  • Hike up to five (5) miles each day
  • Lift and carry up to fifty (50) pounds
  • Recognize and respond positively to social cues of children and adults
  • Utilize discretion when faced with sensitive issues
  • Work in a team, perform interactive behaviors, and respect a chain of command

Specific duties include-

  1. 1. Education/Program Delivery:
  2. Develop daily plans and activities that are chosen from the camp curriculum.
  3. Choose daily locations using the site list that corresponds to each daily theme.
  4. When enough rain/bad weather is in the forecast, prohibiting normal daily plans, the lead needs to come up with a rainy-day plan. They can use the rainy-day curriculum given in the drive.
  5. Send an outline to the CD of your weekly schedule and plans.
  6. Any tasks that you need help with, let the Lead Assistant know and give prior time to prep for that activity.
  7. Deliver the Camp Muddy Sneakers curriculum, adhering to the mission of the organization and with respect to the program’s positive reputation and brand recognition.
  8. Provide camp instruction and some naturalist knowledge in an engaging and fun way.
  9. Arrive to the drop off/pick up location on time with your appropriate teaching materials in order, a charged radio, and first aid kit.
  10. Be a positive role model to the campers and maintain a good attitude when interacting with campers and fellow instructors.
  11. Assist in mentoring/training support staff to become well-versed in the organization and program curriculum.
  12. Assist the WNC Camp director in overseeing the quality of program delivery by fellow instructors.
  13. Keep the safety of the campers in mind at all times. You are responsible for reviewing, understanding and adhering to the protocols and policies set forth in the Staff Manual developed by Camp Muddy Sneakers, including changes that may be made to this manual from time to time.
  14. Conduct a daily and a weekly debrief with your Lead Assistant and any other staff in a support role. Clearly record all pertinent information regarding your work/experience that day and filling out a daily report and weekly report through google forms. This form will be turned into the camp director, you may be asked to expand on any of the information on the google form.

2. Resupply/Vehicle Logistics/Program Supplies:

  • Consistently contribute towards maintaining, cleaning and organizing all Muddy Sneakers vehicles and instructional gear EVERY DAY.
  • Report to WNC Camp Director when resupply items are needed.

3. Community Relations:

  • Serve as a public face and spokesperson when necessary for the organization.
  • Seek expanded opportunities for Muddy Sneakers to gain recognition and increase its Community Sponsor base through events, etc.

4. Staff Development

  • You are required to participate in/attend 2-3 staff trainings before summer in May or June. Muddy Sneakers will pay you $75 for each day (8 hours) of training, with this amount prorated for any partial day of training.
  • Voluntary trainings will be offered through-out the summer to help with curriculum understanding and teaching.

5. Staff Oversight

  • Conduct staff debriefs regularly. Included: once daily after each program day for roughly 15-30 minutes, once weekly for roughly 30 minutes to an hour, and lastly to submit an overview of the week through Google Forms.
  • Delegate tasks as needed to prepare for each week/day.

6. Program Cancellation:

  • Camp Muddy Sneakers operates rain or shine. Instructors are responsible for overseeing the safety of the campers and finding suitable locations to program when inclement weather arises. See the Staff Manual for further details regarding the Camp Muddy Sneakers Weather Policy and “Places to go in case of rain.”
  • We have a minimum number of 6 campers for a session to run. If the minimum number of campers is not met by June 1, the week session will be cancelled.

7. Mileage:

Camp Muddy Sneakers Instructors are not reimbursed for mileage driven to and from their homes to the drop-off/pick-up location.

8. Time Off:

You will be expected to be available for work during the sessions you have committed to working unless prior arrangements are made with a Camp Muddy Sneakers Director. In the event that you need time off due to illness or emergency, please contact the Camp Muddy Sneakers director.

Lead Instructor Benefits:

  1. Support from the Camp Director as needed along with weekly check-ins Compensation: $110-125/daily; rate increases with return staff

Lead Instructor Requirements:

  1. Degree or 4-5 years’ experience in the sciences or in education
  2. 3-4 years working with children within the camp age groups
  3. Computer skills in using Google Drive for program content, weekly debriefs, uploading pictures, and possible other applications.