Cabin Counselor/Instructor

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Red Arrow Camp
Job Overview

Cabin Counselor/Instructor Job Description 

Position Purpose: The Cabin Counselor/Instructor is responsible for guiding, supervising, instructing, coaching, organizing, campers in the cabin, in activities, on trips, and throughout camp

NOTE: Anticipated instructional needs for Summer 2019 are: La Crosse, Riflery, Tennis, Mtn. Biking, Fishing, Water Skiing, Soccer, Woodworking, Nature, Track, Basketball, and Swimming.

Minimum Age Required: 19

Employment Dates are: June 9th– August 8th (some staff may be required to come two days prior for specific training needs in certain areas)

Starting Salary: $3,200-3,500 (depending on age/year in school)

  1. Primary responsibilities are: Live in a cabin with campers and a co-counselor, sharing time with and creating a positive camper group.
  2. Ensure that campers are properly supervised at all times and that all established camp policies are observed.
  3. Supervise daily living, including waking boys up and putting them to bed at night,overseeing campers’ personal hygiene, counseling homesick campers, and leading off site overnight backpacking and canoeing camping trips.
  4. Communicate effectively with co-counselors, heads of programs, and Directors including working together to provide consistent, positive discipline.
  5. Actively work to help campers develop friendships, demonstrate respect for others, and grow in leadership and responsibility.
  6. Complete all assigned reports, record keeping, and parent communications as assigned.
  7. Participate in physical preparations of pre and post camp.
  1. Maintain high standards of health and safety throughout camp for campers and staff. You


  1. Provide for the physical, psychological, and emotional care of each camper within your supervision, including recognition of personal health needs.
  2. Assist campers with personal, interpersonal, and health issues, and discuss with Camp Nurse or Director when appropriate.
  3. Ensure that campers follow all established safety procedures for activitiesthroughout camp, including providing a safety orientation, safety checking equipment, and     ensuring the proper use of equipment.
  4. Develop and deliver instruction and programming that is fun, engaging, developmental, and appropriate for the age and ability of campers. You will:
  5. Plan and teach progressive activities/classes designed to accommodate different ages,abilities, and interests, including rainy day activities.
  6. Follow all established objectives, progressions, procedures and safety regulations.
  7. Continuously evaluate the success of the program and adjust activities accordingly.
  8. Model good sportsmanship, cooperation, spirit, and effort.
  9. Participate in the maintenance, inventory, and care of equipment and supplies used in camp activities.
  10. Plan, organize and/or supervise special cabin, unit or camp activities and trips as  delegated by the Director/Program Head.

Interested? Apply now at:

Contact Director Eric Roche at 920-728-2101 or email at [email protected] with any questions.

NOTE: Application review and hiring decisions will be made beginning in January 2019.