Sea Kayak Guide

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Discovery Sea Kayaks
Job Overview

We are always seeking individuals to join our team of professional sea kayak guides. We are located on San Juan Island in Washington State in the town of Friday Harbor. Our season generally runs from April through mid-October. New hires have to complete a comprehensive guide training in early spring. We prefer candidates that are already in the outdoor industry or seeking to make a career working in the outdoor industry. We take our jobs seriously and with pride. Being the best at what we do is the only option.

Work schedule is full time between May and September. We run half day, full day, and multi-day kayak tours on San Juan Island. We strive to set the bar for quality kayak tours which means we expect a lot from our staff. Applicants should possess a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and enthusiasm, and should already be familiar with the basics of sea kayaking. Please see below for a list of skills and terms applicants are expected to know:

Forward stroke, Backward stroke, Sweep stroke, Edging, Pivots, Lateral-moving strokes, Low and High brace, Cowboy rescue, T-rescue, Tides, Currents, Ebb/Flood, Knots, Rip, Spring/Neap Tides, Ferry angle, Bow, Stern, Deck, Hull, Deck lines, Skeg, Cockpit, Combing and Hatches.

If any of the above is unfamiliar, ask yourself if this is the job for you. Prospective guides who are selected will undergo in-house training to ensure that they are proficient in all these skills. You will be expected to shadow seasoned guides on tours, and you will not guide solo until you have been cleared after being shadowed yourself.

Guides must master not only maneuvers in a sea kayak, but also extensive knowledge of tides, currents, and weather as well as knowledge of the natural and human history of the area.

*Applicants should be able to lift 50+ lbs with no difficulty.

*Current First Aid/CPR