2021 Summer – Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Mountain & Hiking Guide – Skagway, AK

Alaska Mountain Guides
Job Overview

Job Description

The Skagway Guide’s main responsibility is to carry out the company’s mission of providing clients with a safe, enjoyable, and educational wilderness experience. The Skagway Guide will lead clients on their respective tour at the rock climbing and zip line site safely and enthusiastically with the ultimate goal of satisfied passengers at the end of each trip.

Description of Guided Programs: Klondike Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Adventure Park & Zip Lines and Skagway Adventure Hike:

Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures currently offers four Skagway based tours to cruise ship guests visiting during the summer season: Klondike Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Adventure Park & Zip Lines, Combo: Rock Climbing, Rappelling & Zip, Skagway Adventure Hike. Now entering our sixteenth year of operation in Skagway, our tenth year operating the Adventure Park, and our fifth year operating the Skagway Adventure Hike, we see the enthusiasm for these tours unsurpassed in the outdoor recreation industry. AMG looks to our staff to progressively maintain the highest quality outdoor experiences for our guests.

General Overview of Tours:

The typical duration of a rock climbing or zip line tour is 3.25 hours and hike tours run 2.75 hours in duration. Our site is nestled in the forest 7 miles outside of town on the Klondike Highway up the White Pass.

In general guests participating in one of our tours are greeted by their guides at one of the three cruise ship docks in Skagway and transported to the site in 15 passenger vans or 24 passenger busses. During transit the driver and guide(s) provides a variety of historical information about Skagway and the surrounding area in addition to information on the mountains, geology, and natural environment of the region. The driver and guide(s) will also introduce AMG, the company background, and the variety of trips and programs that are offered.

Once we reach the site, guests unload in a private parking area along the Klondike Highway and take a short 5-minute uphill hike to our kiosk where they are issued helmets. Once guests don a helmet they then continue on to the base of the climbing area or zip line staging area where they are provided with all necessary climbing or zip line equipment to participate in the tour. The guests then receive a safety briefing and instruction from the lead guide before proceeding with their respective tour. Refreshments and a snack are also included and consist of hot chocolate and trail mix. On any given day we may run up to four overlapping climbing trips at a time totaling up to 16 rock trips and 15 zip line trips daily.

Skagway Specific Employee Information:

Essential Job Functions

• Responsible for the safety and satisfaction of each of his/her passengers throughout the entire duration of the tour.

• Responsible for following a strict daily schedule.

• Responsible for cleanliness and excellent maintenance of gear, trail and staging areas/kiosk.

• Responsible for communicating all incidents to the Skagway manager as soon as possible.

• Responsible for communicating all gear and vehicle issues to the manager.

• Must be a good communicator with the willingness to teach and entertain his/her guests.

• Must possess the desire to continually improve his/her knowledge and skills.

• Must at all times be clean, well-groomed, courteous, honest, and reliable.

• Must possess a positive attitude that is friendly, considerate, strong, and energetic.

• Must be willing to work as a strong team member, assisting in the maintenance of group morale.• Responsible for entering hours daily in our online timeclock program Timeforce.

• The Skagway Guide reports to the Skagway Site Manager, Operations Manager and Director.

Experience Required to Perform Job Requirements

• Prior guiding, leadership, and tourism experience are helpful.

• Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds repeatedly throughout each day.

• Must be able to carry loads over uneven ground.

• Must possess a strong work ethic.• Must be punctual.

• Must be organized.• Must have great, positive attitude.

• Must be comfortable speaking to large groups of people.

• Must be able to handle multiple, simultaneous groups of guests.

• Must be currently certified in 1st Aid and CPR at minimum (WFR or WEMT preferred).

• Must possess or be willing to acquire Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL).

CDL Driving:

• Must have or be willing to obtain (training provided) a valid Class B CDL and contribute to bus driving duties for these and other tours.

• Have and maintain a Class B CDL with Passenger and Airbrakes endorsement.

• Pass FMCSA required pre-employment drug tests & screening.

• Be enrolled in an FMCSA required random drug testing program.

• Have and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Card.

• Complete AMG Skagway Driver training program.

If you are interested in pursuing this position, please visit our website to fill out an application. Email us an application, cover letter, and resume. We will formally begin the application review process at that point and contact you thereafter.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $10.50 per hour