2021 Summer – Kayak & Canoe Naturalist – Haines

Alaska Mountain Guides
Job Overview

Job Summary

Facilitate safe and enjoyable 4-hour outdoor SEA Kayaking, Hiking, Golf trips AND BUS TOURS for a diverse range of participants traveling to Skagway and Haines on cruise ships.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Complete training *****all hard skills and training check-offs.
  • Guest Safety first, then *E*ngage guests with questions, *Entertain guests, and last but not least, * E*ducate guests about the area.
  • Possess a positive attitude that is friendly, considerate, strong, and energetic.

On Tour:

  • Maintain the safety of guests at all times.
  • Greet clients, facilitate introductions, get clients excited for kayaking.
  • Collect waivers, tickets and make sure all guests have signed waivers.
  • Outfit clients in spray skirts and PFDs (with instruction on wear and fit).
  • Give safety talk to clients and brief kayaking instructions – complete safety talk checklist.
  • Help load and unload gear while keeping the guests engaged.
  • Maintain group control and spacing while getting guests geared up and while kayaking.
  • Follow a tight time schedule and be on time with your trips.
  • Complete appropriate guide checklists at the end of each shift.

As a CDL Driver:

  • Rotate shifts driving CDL buses in support of this and other tours. Have and maintain a clean driving record in order to be insured by AMG company automotive insurance.
  • Maintain an FMCSA approved logbook for driving hours.
  • Complete vehicle checklists as needed.
  • Responsible for cleanliness and excellent maintenance of buses, tour equipment, and the locations that the tours visit.
  • Responsible for communicating all gear and vehicle issues to maintenance staff.
  • Complete appropriate driver checklists & paperwork at the end of each shift.

At All Times:

  • Assist with other jobs/projects as needed by Alaska Mountain Guides administration, this may include but is not limited to:
  • Driving vehicles with guests or with our equipment.
  • Cleaning/maintaining gear, vehicles, and warehouse.
  • Assisting with food prep for cruise program.
  • Assisting with grounds/lodging maintenance, cleaning, and general support. * Must at all times be clean, well-groomed, courteous, honest, and reliable.
  • Must be willing to work as a strong team member, assisting in the maintenance of group morale.
  • Must possess the desire to continually improve his/her knowledge and skills.

Specific Job Requirements:

In General:

  • Possess a friendly, outgoing and professional demeanor at all times during interactions with the guests and other AMG employees.
  • Follow AMG’s policies and procedures at all times.
  • Good leadership skills, ability to communicate and facilitate groups up to 36 people.
  • Proof of medical certification – minimum of basic first aid and CPR. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is strongly preferred.
  • The ability to carry up to 60 lbs. of gear repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Must be willing to assist the catering staff in preparing lunches for our cruise tour programs.

As a kayak guide:

  • Completion of AMG Haines program training.
  • Attention to safety, including learning and appropriately demonstrating the Kayak Safety Talk, staying close to shore whenever possible, awareness of weather and lake conditions when making an open water crossing.
  • Ability to sea kayak proficiently, perform self-rescues and assisted rescues.
  • Guides must demonstrate clear understanding of kayak operations and of group management as instructed in AMG training.
  • Guides must demonstrate the ability to set up various site elements including tables, PFDs, spray skirts, food and be able to follow low impact guidelines in bear country.
  • Be able to maintain a tight schedule – ensure your group stays on schedule throughout all aspects of the tour.
  • Wear the appropriate company logo gear during the tour and follow the personal appearance guidelines.
  • Make sure gear fits guests properly.

For CDL Driving:

  • Must obtain and maintain a valid Class B CDL with Passenger and Airbrakes endorsements.
  • Must be willing to contribute to bus driving duties for these and other tours.
  • Pass FMCSA required pre-employment drug tests & screening.
  • Be enrolled in an FMCSA required random drug testing program.
  • Have and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Card.
  • Completion of AMG Haines Driver training program (minimum of 8 hours).

Staff training will provide a foundation for you to build and enhance your guiding resume. It also serves to put in place a set of standards that we expect all of our staff to maintain. In addition, you are required to complete guide training, develop a thorough comprehension of all program components and receive a check-off on all systems before entering a paid role. Upon your arrival to Haines, you will receive Guide Training Manuals. You will also complete all required U.S. employment paperwork and all CDL paperwork required by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.


Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures (AMG) and its sister companies comply with all applicable federal laws regarding CDL drivers and CDL operations. FMCSA regulations and AMG’s own policies and procedures ensure that our guests will receive the highest quality tours possible in terms of bus transportation safety. As a result of federal regulations, each Haines CDL Driver will be required to participate in an approved random drug testing program and also be required to complete and maintain some paperwork in addition to the regular employee paperwork for all other employees.

If you are interested in pursuing this position, please visit our website to fill out an application. Email us an application, cover letter, and resume. We will formally begin the application review process at that point and contact you thereafter.


Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $10.50 per hour