Executive Chef

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The Meatza Wagon
Job Overview

Executive Chef- June 1st- September- 5th

Free Room & Board

The Meatza Wagon is a Gourmet stationary Food Truck. Located in Wrangell St. Elias National Park, (largest park in N. America) Founded in 2005 by Head Chef/Owner Joseph Macchina. The work environment is upbeat & thriving.

The job is very fast paced from beginning to end everyday. Every single task within the operation of this restaurant is on your slate of daily responsibilities. New methods of operation will have to be learned as we are in a very remote location. Operating procedures are different here than anywhere else. We provide our own plumbing, electricity, gas, trash, sewage & transportation of goods. The applicant MUST be flexible & open minded to change & challenge!

  • Prepares and cooks food according to specifications, proper presentation, and in a required sanitary manner & very quickly without compromise to quality.
  • Makes daily preparations of menu items & specials in a high quality and presentation manner & arrives to work on time daily clean and ready to work.
  • Assists in other food preparation (hot or cold) for other events as needed. Flexible to work long hours & sometimes extra hours during peak season.
  • Cleans work area when cooking is completed. In charge of keeping kitchen area clean, including, refrigerators, freezers, dry storage areas & dishes.
  • Operates equipment in safe and sanitary manner.
  • Responsible for food supply, shortage, or any other problem at the location. Works with Sous Chef to create a daily Prep-list, Specials & work schedule.
  • You will be in charge of and responsible for the entire operation, while working directly with the owner, employees, locals & other local businesses.
  • Performs all duties with confidence and proper execution. Works & executes to the owner’s standards alongside the Sous Chef.
  • Assists other cooks & employees with all duties necessary. Taking orders, dishes, all & any operations daily.
  • Breaks down the station in the end of each shift, turns off all equipment and lights, locks storage areas.
  • Line cooking and daily prep are the main tasks, but you will also be asked to help with and share in “window duties” – taking orders, money, greeting guests, washing dishes & all every other duty.
  • You must obtain an Alaska Food Workers Card & Food Managers Card prior to your start.
  • The Meatza Wagon has been in operation for 5 years & has become known as the BEST Restaurant in the area & one of the best in Alaska.
  • Most of all the herbs and vegetables used in food prep, are locally grown. The Meatza Wagon also has a small garden of its own that you will assist in tending.
  • Chef/Owner Joe Macchina is a classically trained chef who grew up with a culinary background and takes great pride & satisfaction in his work. CIA graduate, Culinary Professor at UAF (University of Fairbanks Alaska) & 20+ years of running commercial kitchens.
  • The Surrounding area provides an abundance of outdoor adventuring, activities, wildlife & a local community.
  • Hiking, Pack Rafting, Back Packing, Ice Climbing, Glacier Hikes, Flight Sees, Fishing, Biking & Community Softball every Friday Night!
  • There are 5 other restaurants in the area to go along with, 2 hotels, hostel, camp grounds, guide services & flight services, a small grocery store and 2 bars
  • You will be provided with- Housing (very basic “dry cabin”) away from town, bicycle for transportation, 2 meals per working shift, locals shuttle pass (Personal Vehicle Recommended)
  • “dry cabin” includes- 2 burner propane cook top, propane light, bed, outhouse, access to a well for water (drinking, utility)
  • Provided will also be access to a laundry and shower

The Kennicott/McCarthy Area is an extremely fun and adventurous place. It is very wild & remote, so it is not for everyone. People come here from all walks of life & from every corner of the world. This makes for a diverse landscape of people, opportunities & scene. It is advantageous if one is open to learning and can “go with the flow”. This area ends up being one of the greatest places some people have ever come to and they come back year after year after year. Some never leave & some never return. If this sounds like your cup of tea…?…You can contact me directly at [email protected] with a resume & any questions.

Please check out this website to learn more about this area, https://www.nps.gov/wrst/index.htm