Full Time Seasonal and On-call Biologists

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Transcon Environmental
Job Overview

Transcon Environmental is seeking qualified biologists to primarily perform field work that currently reside within 1-2 hours’ drive of the following cities/regions in California:

  • Central Valley

and/or in the following California counties:

  • Oakhurst,
  • Arnold,
  • Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo,
  • Fresno,
  • Redding,
  • Chico,
  • El Dorado County,
  • Sonoma County,
  • and the Bay Area.

Duties include

  • biological monitoring,
  • pre-activity special status plant and wildlife surveys,
  • riparian and other habitat assessments and construction monitoring.

Employees will be provided survey and/or monitoring instructions including information on the location of the site and the type of activity to be performed as well as a list of which species could potentially occur onsite.

The successful candidate will be expected to visit a central meeting location every morning, be released to perform requisite surveys and/or biological monitoring to ensure compliance with project permits, requirements, avoidance and minimization measures, etc. Detailed data forms will need to be populated, photos captured, and reported to the project manager.

This is primarily a field-based position. Preference will be given to those able to work full time (work likely to include overtime) for up to 90 days;

candidates who can only work on-call or part-time are still urged to apply.

Employees may be given the option to remain as an on-call biologist after full time work is completed.

Candidates should possess a B.S. degree (M.S. preferred) in

  • biology,
  • botany,
  • ecology,
  • natural resources,
  • ornithology, and/or
  • a closely related discipline.

.Additional experience monitoring and surveying for California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, and burrowing species would be beneficial and could lead to additional project work.

Given the seasonal and client driven nature of our consulting work, Transcon often hires Biologists as “On-Call” employees. The nature and amount of work will vary monthly depending on demand.

On-Call employees are assigned work hours as they become available and have the flexibility to accept or refuse the hours assigned to them. On-Call employees are also able to work concurrently for other companies (as long as their outside work does not create a conflict of interest with clients that Transcon consults for).

Work will primarily be in the field, but qualified candidates may be tasked with desktop assessments and other desktop work as needed.

The position is a non-exempt (hourly) position without eligibility for benefits such as healthcare insurance, paid time off, etc.

However, on-call employees are strongly encouraged to apply for internal job openings of full-time employment (with eligibility for benefits).

Applicants must have a clean driving record for at least 5 years prior to the start of work.

Employees will be reimbursed for mileage and travel time.

Wage is negotiable based on relevant experience and work location but will likely range between $25-$30 per hour.

Offers of employment will be contingent on the candidate passing drug and alcohol testing.