AmeriCorps Restoration and Monitoring Member

Walker Basin Conservancy
  • Post Date: July 13, 2018
Year Round
Job Overview

: Established in 2014, the Walker Basin Conservancy (WBC) isleading the effort to restore and maintain Walker Lake while protectingagricultural, environmental and recreational interests in the Walker Basin ( nascent and dynamic nature of the WBC and its diverse managementobligations provide unique opportunities to develop operations from the groundlevel up, working closely with staff who are passionate about their mission.

The WBCcurrently manages thousands of acres of land and assets on multiple propertiesin the Walker Basin.  Land planningactivities are underway and focus on assessing public use opportunities,conservation values, long term land ownership and stewardship, active andpassive revegetation and restoration activities. 

JOBPURPOSE:The Restoration and Monitoring Members will serve alongside other members andWBC Conservation Technicians conducting primarily project site monitoring anddata collection, invasive species removal, and native plant re-vegetationwithin the Walker River Basin. Members may also work on recreational trailconstruction, sign installation, and fence construction. Members will work inconjunction with other WBC field staff, providing on the ground support tolarger project operations.

Aworking knowledge of, or a desire to learn more about, desert plant ecology andecological restoration, nursery or horticultural practices, or agriculturalsystems and irrigation equipment is essential. The Restoration and Monitoring Membersshould also have a sincere interest in expanding their knowledge of Great BasinDesert ecology, restoration practices, the flora and fauna of Nevada, andagricultural methods and equipment.


Memberswill serve in an outdoor setting and will often be required to camp in thefield for the duration of the tour. Camping will generally be in areas with atleast primitive road access for crew vehicles, but the camping sites willusually be undeveloped backcountry sites. Both camp and project sites willgenerally not have access to potable water, restroom facilities, or cellphonesignals, and members will be expected to follow Leave No Trace principals incamp and on project. Project work will frequently require hiking over roughterrain while carrying tools and equipment.


LOCATION: Yerington,Nevada is a beautiful rural farming community located approximately 95 milessouth of Reno, NV in the foothills of the eastern Sierra mountains. Yeringtonis small but growing with about 3,100 residents. Established in 1907, the cityhas heritage and deep roots in agriculture, mining, railroads, and gaming. Someof the nearby attractions, activities and recreational opportunities include:

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o  o  Compensation & Benefits:

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Memberswill receive a variety of technical and professional training related to theirservice activities as well as personal and professional development. Availabletrainings include:

·        ·        ·        ·        Plant identification, invasive species identificationand treatment, and trails training.


Housing in Yerington can be difficult to find. WBC has limitedand optional housing available for a low monthly rate. Housing accommodationsare dorm or bunk style housing with shared bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areasand common spaces.


Positions will remain open until filled.Only top candidates will be contacted.


Localapplicants are STRONGLY encouraged to apply. Please stop by our office to pickup or drop off an application or speak with our Field Manager Terence. Ouroffice address is: 1 HWY 95 A East, Yerington, NV 89447.


Please send cover letter and resume to:

Amy Gladding

[email protected]

Subject Line: Restoration and Monitoring Member


OR fill outand return our employment application found online at our website,,  or at ourYerington office (1 HWY 95 A East, Yerington, NV 89447)


Please call Miguel Gonzales,AmeriCorps Program Manager, at (775) 463-9887 ext. 110 with questions.


Walker Basin Conservancy is an equal opportunity employer. Personswith disabilities are encouraged to apply. The above functions may be completed with or without reasonableaccommodations.  This program prohibitsdiscrimination based on race, religion, creed, color, national origin, gender,age, sexual orientation, political affiliation or disability.