Travel Coordinator – Camp Chief Ouray

This job has been Expired
YMCA of the Rockies
Job Overview


Position Summary:  The Travel Coordinator will perform all camp travel needs including, but not limited to, driving to and from airport arrivals/departures, wilderness adventure program trips, local travel needs, medical clinic visits, purchasing errands, and other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions / Requirements for ALL CAMP STAFF:

  1. Be able to read, speak and/or write English.
  2. Be able to work inside and outside in all weather conditions.
  3. Be able to hike on rugged terrain.
  4. Have current certification in CPR/First Aid.
  5. Be a dedicated team worker.
  6. Participate in pre-camp staff training.
  7. Set a high personal example of Christian character and be dedicated to building Christian character with all campers and staff. Demonstrate caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith in your everyday interactions within the camp community.
  8. Be concerned with camper development and growth.
  9. Serve as a role model for proper table conduct and manners at all meals.
  10. Be responsible for the general appearance and cleanliness of camp. Report any needed repairs to the camp office.
  11. Be punctual. Always have a watch.
  12. Put the campers’ needs before your personal needs or issues.
  13. Never leave campers unsupervised.
  14. Exhibit maturity and set a quality example for campers and other staff.
  15. Help uphold and enforce camp policies and standards.
  16. Ability to solve problems with the needs of YMCA of the Rockies guests and members in
  17. Uphold the YMCA of the Rockies mission, policies, and programs.
  18. Support the Association safety program.  Promote safe work practices and a safe environment for guests, members and staff.
  19. Possess excellent customer service skills; for example, friendly, personable, helpful, patient, and professional.
  20. Must meet acceptable criminal background check standards.


Essential Functions / Requirements for TRAVEL COORDINATOR:

  1. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Must have a clean driving record and hold a Driver’s License appropriate for vehicles (15-passenger vans, camp trucks and passenger cars) driven.
  3. Must be dependable and organized.
  4. Participate in pre-camp staff training including Driver Training.
  5. Drive appropriate camp vehicles safely to assigned destinations.
  6. Maintain weekly inspection, vehicle log, and cleaning of vehicles being used by Camp Chief Ouray with assistance from the Travel Coordinator.
  7. Drive and escort campers along with other assigned personnel to and from the airport for arrivals and departures on Saturdays and Sundays.
  8. Drive campers and staff to and from trailheads for the departure and pick up of all Leadership Program and/or Adventure Program groups.
  9. Perform shopping/purchasing errands for camp as needed.
  10. Perform transportation to medical clinics as needed.
  11. Perform other errands as needed, including, but not limited to, mail, package pick-up/drop off and laundry.
  12. Maintain accurate records and receipts of all monies used in performing job.
  13. Assure that camp photos, evaluations, any medications or remainders of care packages for campers departing each session by air are obtained from the office each week.
  14. Meet as needed, daily and weekly, with LTP Director to constantly evaluate travel needs.
  15. Meet daily with Travel Coordinator to confirm schedules and trips.
  16. At the end of the season, write a brief report and evaluation of summer from the travel perspective including facilities, equipment and recommendations for the future.
  17. Assist with maintenance of facility if time permits.
  18. Assist stay over staff and campers as needed on weekends.
  19. Assist in any daily/evening programs as time permits.
  20. Assist with camp service projects as time permits.
  21. Assist with dishes if needed and time permits.
  22. Assist with cabin coverage if needed.


Other Functions / Requirements:

  1. Insure guest satisfaction.
  2. Must possess a valid, USA state issued driver’s license, an acceptable driving record and comply with YMCA driving rule to be approved to operate YMCA vehicles. (Required for approved driver only)
  3. Uphold and reflect the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith in all functions.
  4. Promote a cooperative, positive, and problem-solving atmosphere at all times.
  5. Ability to work cooperatively with others in a diverse environment.
  6. All other duties as assigned.