outdoor certifications

Outdoor Certifications That Will Land You a Great Job

1. CPR/First Aid – This is easy and you can find courses nearly everywhere. Look up your local Red Cross and lock down these two certifications. They are short, informative and you are immediately more qualified for a gig.

2. Wilderness First Responder – The WFR is a gold standard in the outdoor industry. It’s an intensive course that is incredibly valuable. The skills learned will not qualify you for great jobs, they may save your life or the life of another. You will be required to do short recertification courses as well.

3. Swift Water Rescue – If you plan on working on water, get SWIFT. The course is physical, intense and the skills learned will help you get hired and navigated waters safely. Rivers are dangerous so learn how to save yourself, save others, and how to navigate and unpin boats. It will come in handy if you want to work on water.

4. USCG Six-Pack – Want to be a fishing guide in Alaska or have the opportunity to run boats under power on remote rivers? Your Coast Guard is required for many of these positions. Read the rules carefully because you are required to prove a certain amount of hours of experience. There are schools available to prepare and administer your tests for these jobs too.

5. River Guide/Whitewater Certifications – There is not a national standard here but a whitewater course is a great learning experience. California and Colorado both have courses that can lead to job placement. Many companies will have specific training and testing courses that are a prerequisite to hiring as well.