seasonal job life

5 Tips for Living a Seasonal life

Bouncing around the seasonal job circuit is an adventure that builds character and life experience. It’s not an easy lifestyle but you will meet great people, learn to be resourceful and see some incredible country. Use these tips to make the most of your experience.

1. Stay Mobile

Possessions will only bog you down. In the seasonal life, you need to be prepared to move on short notice. Avoid furniture and anything that requires storage. Being able to load the car and move on a moments notice is part of the fun. Keep a trunk full of camp gear and stay flexible.

2. Be Adventurous

New experiences are intimidating. Were you raised in the city and want to explore? Dive in! Apply for that job in remote Alaska and embrace the opportunity. If the job isn’t a good fit, it’s only a few months then you can move on.

3. Stash Some Cash

The downside to seasonal positions lies in the downtime. Save your money to get through the lean times. If you plan things well, you’ll have a few months between seasons each year to go on your own adventures.

4. Avoid a Lease

Look for jobs that provide housing or find housing with no lease agreement. Being legally bound to a house might lead to missed opportunities. You can find a short term room rental by scanning the classifieds and talking to people in most areas.

5. Enjoy Your Coworkers

You will meet some incredible people in your seasonal adventures. Be social and get to know people at work. Everyone seems to have an interesting story to share and you’ll make some friends for life.